A cruise on the lake. Part two.

This lakeside village is called Saint-Saphorin and is famous for its delicious wines.
The vineyards are ideally situated on the steep south-facing slopes
overlooking the Lake Léman.

Our paths cross a smaller boat going in the opposite direction

and we pull away from the vineyards and villages to get a larger view
of the sky and surrounding mountains.

A structured blue rope hangs nonchalantly  awaiting its moment of importance
when the time comes to attach the boat before disembarkment.

The surface of the water takes on a whole new exciting rolling and foamy aspect
as the boat moves forward

and the life-buoys decorate the summer sky reassuringly.

The conclusion of this lovely outing will be coming in a  couple of days.


  1. Great photo's with lovely colors Sandra.....thanks for this nice post.

    Greetings, Joop

  2. Another set of beautiful pictures of your countryside. Your first picture is realy stunning I love that hillside. I also love the blue of that rope against the sea.
    It looks as if you had a glorious day for your day out. :)

  3. The blues in these wonderful photographs are amazing, Sandra!
    I think my favorite is the photograph of the rope.
    I really love the simplicity of it.
    I hope you've had a wonderful Monday!

  4. The pale blues in the water and sky are so relaxing, and refreshing, Sandra! What a lovely day this looks to be, and I hope it was as romantic and enjoyable as it appears in your photos. The mountainside is so picturesque, with little rows of grapevines, and roads meandoring around. One photo that is outstanding, is the rope picture. A lovely part two, and we'll be awaiting the rest of the story. Have a fabulous week.

  5. Wow, what clear green water and such lovely vine-covered hillsides. Beautiful photos!

  6. Hi Sandra,
    So glad that your camera ventured along with you on this outing! I can't get over the beauty and picturesqueness of this landscape - WOW. My favorite capture is the third with all its movement - the upward swirling clouds and contrasting waves in the lower portion. Perfect composition with all the interesting patterns!
    xo A
    P. S. will write soon :)

  7. I'm loving this outing....what a beautiful lake, with all it's many colors! The sky and the mountain view is gorgeous, but I agree with Lisa -- the rope image is my fave too. Wonderful colors and composition there!

  8. I love the green water and the wispy clouds!!! What a beautiful place!

  9. Great trip...
    I feel like I'm part of it...
    xoxo, Juliana

  10. As always - stunning images! I really can't choose a favourite, they are all smashing!