A cruise on the lake. Part three.

Did I tell you that lunch was served on board?
The first course and the dessert were the most exciting parts
because of the fabulous decoration.
I'm sure you want to see how it was inside too!

Need I say more....?!
Did you notice that I signed my name in chocolate too?
The chocolate interior was a mixture of smooth and structured 
with little interesting crunchy bits!

There was plenty of time to walk around the boat.
This passenger is looking out from the window on the lower deck
where the restaurant is.
I love staring out across the lake as the far end disappears
and makes me almost feel as if I'm out at sea.

It seems to be a tradition to have a feminine figure at the prow of boats.
I like her flowing golden robes.

and here is the stern end of the boat.
Did you see?
There are still two deck-chairs free on the upper deck?
If you hurry, you can join the next cruise!

The last horn for late arrivals blares out
and the paddle wheels churn up the water prior to departure.
Did you make it?

Off she goes...

Isn't she a beauty?
Look at that chimney and the gold writing just below the flag.
Can you see the captain in his look-out perch?
Look at all those happy people on the upper deck!

A last graceful turning curve and a new destination to the end of the lake.
Au revoir!
Bon voyage!

In 2010, "La Suisse" steam paddleboat celebrated its 100th birthday.
The boat holds 1200 passengers
sits around 254 people in the dining areas.
The length of the boat is 78 metres and the width is 15.90 metres.

In case you missed the beginning of the lake cruise, just scroll back
to see parts one and two!


  1. Beautiful! I love the picture of the stern with the flag! The background looks so perfect it's almost surreal! I want to go on a cruise now!

  2. Wow! That boat is 100 years old? She is a beauty -- your photos show her off so nicely. And that dessert, oh my -- it must have been fabulous! I've put this cruise on my bucket list.

  3. Oh Sandra what a wonderful cruise! the boat is so beautiful - as is the lake. The dessert!!! well it looks like chocolate perfection to me :)
    Mary x

  4. Lovely cruise ship and a great dessert.... I like chocolate...hmmm.

    You have made wonderful pictures Sandra.

    Greetings from Holland, Joop

  5. What a lovely set of posts on your cruise. Your photos are amazing, it looks like an amazing place. Love that chocolate too. Yum!

  6. Oh Sandra, I want to come along and sit in one of those deck chairs. What a lovely trip! Thanks for visiting me up on Haliburton Hill. Nice to "talk" to you again.

  7. Wow it all looks wonderful Sandra ♥

  8. Sandra!!!!
    Wonderful photos.
    A fantastic trip on the lake.
    A candy? Excellence.
    I was swimming on Lake Lucerne.

  9. Oh, how delicious! Who needs a cruise? Just give me the chocolate! Wonderful photos, as always.

  10. delicious cruise...
    what more can I say)))

    xoxo, Juliana

  11. Oh that chocolate dessert looks sooooo delicious - really made my mouth water, lol.
    Wbat a lovely boat - you certainly seemed to have enjoyed your trip and your pictures are awesome - I love the lovely soft light you captured.
    Thanks so much for sharing :))

  12. Knowing that this Part III brings to a close our little special glimpses of your cruise is kind of sad! What an enjoyable collection of pictures you have taken, and shared with us. Well, the chocolate is quite decadent Sandra; it looks very rich and dark, and that is the best kind! Lovely, Lovely! Thank you so much for sharing your photos and your imaginative, poetic words. :)

  13. I did not think anything could rival this beautiful boat, but that chocolate dessert sure comes close.
    it looks amazing, and you have photographed it beautifully, Sandra.

    I hope you had a wonderful day.



    What a gorgeous collection of photos, and such a beautiful boat. I can't believe she holds 1200 passengers! And the blue-green water looks so cool and delightful. Thanks for taking us along on your cruise.

  15. What a beautiful trip you've taken us on! I love how you've capture the little details and the bigger picture!! These photos are so lovely, they would make a great brochure for the cruise line!!

  16. Wow, liebe Sandra, da schlägt mein Herz höher, Dampferromantik auf dem Genfersee und dazu ein feines Dessert...

    Liebe Grüsse aus Riehen bei Basel


  17. Hi I wonder what lunch will be on today's trip...so excited for you...looking forward to the pictures.
    Lunch just looks fabulous, have fun
    Laters xx