Putting it all together

What are the main things I have learnt in this Journey of Recognition?
I have learnt how important lighting is to capture the quality of the photo I desire. I especially enjoyed going out at twilight to take photos in the "blue hour". The results astonished me, even though they were all taken in an urban environment. This particular experience was a real adventure and filled me with enthusiasm and excitement.

I also noticed what fun it was to photograph subjects that I would never have thought of photographing before.
Nature is my first love and will probably always remain my favourite subject, but now I can look at many other subjects and feel a connection with them.
When something speaks to me, when I feel a pull, I know that the emotion I feel will appear in the image which has been captured.
It was an amazing experience for me to take lots of shots, sometimes over a hundred. This allowed me to connect with the subject on a much deeper level. I became totally lost and absorbed in this exercise and lost all notion of time.
Trying out different angles and the way the light falls differently can really make a huge difference to the final result and then I choose just a small handful of these images which really express what I have felt.

Why do I take photographs? I love to capture atmosphere, the way a certain light suddenly illuminates or enhances, sometimes just for a brief moment, something which grabs my attention, which pulls me in.
This moment is unique and when I get it at just the right moment, it's quite exhilarating!
Photography is a means of bringing forward an inner creativity which is seeking an outlet. 
I have to feel moved to make a scene or a subject emanate that special something which shows the heart connection that I felt when I took the photo.

If my heart is not in it, the end result will lack substance and soul.
Learning about angles and depth of field have widened my scope and shown me just how much these two elements can give impact to an image.

I can see my photography changing. I have become more daring, more confident. I can see my own personal style emerging - which will evolve as I also evolve on this journey of discovery.
My next step is to study photo settings, epecially exposure and shutter speed, and to learn everything which is connected to improving the delicate art of capturing meaningful images.
Why do I show the images I take? Good question!
Well, I like to share the beauty I see around me or share the emotion of a single moment in time.
 Some of this beauty and emotion may touch others and allow them to become more aware, more conscious of the fact that all living beings share a soul connection.

Recognizing that I'm on the never-ending journey of life
Sometimes stumbling
but always moving and evolving
in all ways.
This is my Journey of Recognition.


  1. Hi Sandra, your words here are beautiful and they echo my feelings too. If I feel a strong connection to the subject it comes through in the image. Your photo of the little boy and the flower is so expressive. And I love the beads of water on the pale leaves. I've enjoyed sharing this journey with you and hope we can keep in touch through blogland. Best of luck with your next step of learning about the camera settings.

  2. Beautiful post, Sandra! Your heart connection comes through so strongly in your photography. That last photo grabs at my heart too -- so sweet!

  3. Your last statement is so powerful Sandra! I am filled with joy for your words and your experience. You have it all within you, and I know you will continue to learn and grow and make beautiful images on this journey. Thank you for sharing what you've gained along the way!

  4. Very nice, thanks for sharing that!

  5. What a lovely post - you really seem to have enjoyed your journey. You have so many lovely images. Good luck with your future photography I hope you continue to love it as much as you do now.
    I have fallen so far behind I'm not sure how to catch up - but I will :)

  6. Hi Sandra,
    Yes, this photography journey has been a very special part of my new year. I'm glad we had the class this early so now we can take what all we have learned and capture some beatiful images in nature the remainder of the year, and spring is just around the corner! This post is just beautiful Sandra! I agree with you, the class dynamics has been very exciting, helpful and a fun group of ladies. I look forward to seeing your experience with learning your manual mode setting, and the great pictures I KNOW you will capture. I'm excited for you. I love the photo of the little guy intently cutting out his paper form; a lovely angle. Your leaf and water drops picture is spectacular! I love seeing the bottom side with the leaf veins. Thanks so much for sharing your special poetic thoughts.

  7. Hi Sandra,
    This is a truly lovely post, with your heartfelt words and strong images to back them up! I especially love the compositions in your first three nature shots. They seem even more creative and adventuresome than other things that I've seen of yours. Plus, they exhibit a sophistication of intent and design that is wonderful. I know that you have a stunning future ahead as you perfect those technical issues, although it has always seemed to me that you already had them under control! You have a cute model in your grandson. How fun:)

  8. These photos are all so beautiful, I don't think I could pick a best. They are all best. And I agree; spending time with a subject and seeing all the different angles; you become one with it and forget everything else around you.