Observing Photography Trends

Do I follow any photographic trends?
Well, not consciously!
But maybe I am developing a style which is just my own way of perceiving and capturing things which speak to my heart.
The above photo is slightly underexposed and slightly out of focus. This just happened and was not intentional, but I liked the soft look the way it was and simply kept it.
Here is one of the same Lobelia flowers in its true vibrant colour

All I have done here is change my position and thus the lighting.
Lighting is important to the way I like to capture images.

Macro photography is something I really enjoy
Is this a trend or a personal choice?
I feel that it is simply my love of detail which draws me into this way of capturing images.

Moving in even closer to see the glorious structure of the centre of this beautiful flower

Trends come and go and I see them all around me. As far as I can notice, texturing seems to be very much in vogue at the moment. So much so, that everyone's photos seem to look the same. It can be so easy to lose one's personality in trends.
My very simple editing programme, ACDSee, doesn't offer all these trendy options, so I am perfectly happy  finding my own way and letting my subjects remain as natural as possible.
This does not mean that I do not sometimes have fun by doing crazy special effects on some photos for special occasions or just to amuse myself.
Most of all, I seek to capture beauty
and in nature
everything is just perfect
the way it is.
Just to end up with, this soft shot of a Snapdragon flower which, although in a central position, would have lost something if I had cropped away the green parts of the plant on either side.
I love the way those enticing soft, yellow flower lips pop out at us and attract the bees. What pleasure it is for me to observe these little useful furry creatures wriggling their way into the flower to collect their pollen.
I couldn't imagine using any sort of texture or other special effects on a perfect little bee, could you?


  1. Sandra, your clearly understand your desire to photograph for beauty and naturalness. My heart follows yours on this topic. Your flowers are so beautiful and pretty, and I especially love the macro shots to see the center of the flower. I love the lime green color and texture of that pink flower, enhanced by the delicate sherbet orange color. There is no editing program that could enhance your photography; you have a special eye for capturing the wonderful beauty in your world. I love looking at all your images so much.

    1. Thanks Beverly. I was a little hesitant about this assignment on trends as I tend to shy away from them. I like to stay true to what I see and to edit things as little as possible... maybe even less when I move to manual settings! Who knows? I don't plan ahead, but go with the moment as it is. Things evolve, we evolve, who can say where or how? That's the exciting part!

  2. Hi Sandra! Thanks for stopping by my little blog this morning. It is interesting to notice the trends. I think all of us have found our eye and are pretty much on our own true paths as they zig zag through life ! I love the soft feeling of your first photograph and the colors are gorgeous. There used to be a painter on a public televsion channel here in the US. His name was Bob Ross. He used to talk about "Happy Little Accidents". I think that happy little accidents or surprises in photograpy are wonderful.

  3. I see that, while you said you struggled with this exercise, it served to solidify you in what is important to you in your photography! Being grounded in what you want to convey and how you want to convey it means that you have the confidence to portray your eye, regardless of what is going on around you. I like what you wrote, "This does not mean that I do not sometimes have fun by doing crazy special effects on some photos for special occasions or just to amuse myself." Good! This means that you can still experiment, and play, and are not limiting yourself by unconscious rules.

  4. You do capture the beauty in flowers so well -- your macros of the center of the flower are gorgeous!

  5. Hi Sandra,
    I can relate to your love of nature and how you want to portray it. It is also amazing the latitude that we do have to create our own vision of reality through in-camera work and general editing. Obviously, what we choose to photograph and how we frame it, also makes a world of difference. So, without any fancy "gimmicks" a true artist's eye shines through. This artist's eye, you definitely have, as these gorgeous images attest to!
    I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!
    Happy clicking :)

  6. Your photos are beautiful! I've not yet done this assignment;looking to see what others are saying!

  7. Oh my!! I'm so glad I found your blog! You macro images are stunning! I, too, love nature photography, although my macro is not near the quality as yours. I'm still learning!! I agree with you about editing. Nature is so beautiful just as it is!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. I love flower photos also, your photos are beautiful!

  9. Lovely photos. I especially like the close up one of the purple flower with the orange center. It's hard not to be affected by trends, but the trick is to work them into your own unique way of viewing the world--no small feat.

  10. Hi Sandra, every one of these flower photographs is just exquisite!

  11. I love how beautiful and vibrant those flowers are but I'm a bit partial to overexposed photos. Sometimes I even do it intentionally. And, like you, I also love macro shots. You've got some beautiful ones here that really capture the essence of the flowers!