Intuitive Photojournaling

This capture of tall trees reaching for the sky immediately came to mind 
when I thought of choosing an image intuitively.

What is it about trees which makes me feel alive?
When I look up I feel as if I am floating , as if my feet no longer touch the ground.
I feel the essence of the trees, their strength and their acceptance of how things are, the way they are, 
without wanting anything at all to be different.
I have so much to learn from trees
How they sway with the movement of the wind
How they follow the flow of life.
When I look up to the sky
surrounded by trees,
I feel free
of all thoughts
about this or that.
I am completely in the moment
the oneness
I feel
with all life.
When I close my eyes,
I'm no longer 'me',
I'm deliciously, joyfully,
a swaying tree.


  1. so beautiful! truly inspiring :) I love every bit of it and I find your photography outstanding. xxo

  2. You are so poetic in your descriptions and I could "hear" the rustling of the wind in those trees. Beautiful!

  3. Ah, gorgeous. Through your words and your image I became a swaying tree too! You captured such beauty, strength and life. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. Very nice, I enjoyed so much your thoughts, very poetic :)

  5. Oh Sandra, what a beautiful world you create here with your photograph and your poetic words. Just reading them while looking at the beautiful light through the leaves brought me into your world. I also love trees and that appreciation is deeper from having viewed this lovely post.

  6. It feels like this photograph could lift you right up to the top of the trees...just beautiful, as is your connection to the trees. Thanks. Gail

  7. Aside from your beautiful words to accompany this photo, the photo itself has amazing details. The circular formation of the tree tops and brushing of the leaves all around is spectacular, enhanced by the clear light blue sky peaking throughout the open spaces. Some of the tree trunks are pale, and others are dark. A lot of contrast and complimentary coloring going on. The angle is breathtaking! Sandra, were you lying on the ground when you took this? Barb summed up how you are so poetic - very lovely post! :)

  8. Hi Sandra,
    Your image and words carry me along with them on a delightful journey! You truly have the eyes of an artist and the heart of a poet! A great combination... esp. for all your blog readers :)
    Happy week to you!
    P.S. I owe you an email and will write soon, swamped and trying to come up for air.
    P.S.S. I love trees, too.

  9. This is such a fabulous image...I almost feel like I'm flying up through the trees to the sky! How wonderful to feel that intense connection to life via trees! Your words truly are poetic and very moving.

  10. Were you lying on the ground when you took this fabulous vertical photo? When I lean back and look straight up, I get dizzy. ;-) Wonderful green and blue---and I'm so ready for those colors in nature, too!

  11. Wonderful photo. When I first saw it on your blog I went "ahhhh." This photo made me feel like I was being lifted to the top of those trees. Besides your lovely words to accompany the photo, the photo itself is wonderful!

  12. I love seeing all that green! I'm longing for spring here!

  13. Wonderful photo, I love the angle!

  14. Love the colors in your photo. I feel like I am standing there. Your words are beautiful, too.

  15. Both your photo and words are beautiful. You have a special talent for both. Thank you for sharing your world with us.

  16. Your photo looks so real that I could feel my neck straining to look up.

  17. What an AMAZING talent you have with your images & words!! this is a breathtaking image, oh to be you that day under the trees!! I am so drawn in to its depth, very well done!