The Blue Hour

Going for a walk in my neighbourhood at that beautiful time of the day known as the "Blue Hour".
This expression comes from the French words: "l'heure bleue" or twilight - each morning and evening
where there is neither full daylight nor complete darkness.

Standing at the top end of my local park, to look beyond the buildings onto the horizon and mountains.
This is the time when people start putting on their lights (those little dots of light on the hillside) and the street lamps are turned on.

The crescent moon is coming into view and I am homeward bound after taking in the wonder of 
the Blue Hour.


  1. I love the soft light in the first shot - and the crescent of moon is wonderful in the 2nd.
    Lovely pictures.

  2. This series is so lovely -- the second image is especially beautiful wirh the moutains profiled by the sunset. Perfect silhouettes for Kat's exploring with a camera theme.