New Light Photo Shoot

Car lights at rush hour. The effects of the lights against the darkness give me a rush of excitement!

What happened to Nature Girl?
It looks like she's having fun!
This is so exciting and I'm realizing just how my creative energies are stimulated by leaving my comfort zone and reinventing the way I usually like to take photos.
Not only is the lighting different from what I have ever chosen before, but the subjects photographed are also new - and I'm discovering a whole new world!
I didn't stay with one subject and walked around my neighbourhood in the early morning and early evening between 6.30 and 7.30 at both ends.

There had been a light sprinkling of snow in the night. The bus had just gone round the roundabout, and is heading for the town centre, and the sky was suddenly taking on a lighter hue.

The roundabout with the trolley-bus lines above. I like the way they shine in the street lights.
I love the sheen on the road and the shops starting to open giving off friendly yellow lights.

The baker's are setting out their wares for the day and customers are coming in to get their croissant or raisin bun to have with their morning coffee!
I adore the atmosphere in the morning as everything is waking  up.

Here is part of the tea-room window still decorated with poems for Valentine's Day.
This is what the poem on the right reads:
"A poem is a smile on a rainy day,
Love is a poem to recite each day."

I love the deepening sky here and the red blinds still out in front of the grocer's shop.

The windows from a restaurant glow in an orange light through the curtains and the shutters upstairs start to close.

People return home and the lights come on as they go about their evening routine.
I return home too after this new adventure in my neighbourhood.

I couldn't resist this last exciting photo of the Community Centre just opposite from where I live!
I just adore the crazy lighting effect, don't you?!

Well, what an exciting new experience. I certainly didn't try out any new techniques... I shall be learning those one of these days though!
My camera was hand-held and I didn't use a tripod.
The camera settings were on automatic ... I still have to find the time to study all about manual settings!
The two most exciting images for me are the first one and the last one. They are quite surprising and totally new to the way I usually take photos.
I had four outings to complete this exercise to my satisfaction. Two in the morning and the other two at night.
The whole experience was fascinating and I learnt a lot.


  1. Yay! You discovered the beauty of the blue hour, and night photography here. I love those ones in the early morning... the phone booth just grabs my attention but then the bus leads me through the streets. I like how the trolley lines and roundabout frame the buildings in the later one. All in all, I can see that you are having fun getting out of your comfort zone and exploring the world with your camera. What energy!

  2. Amazing how you captured such beautiful color in low light! I love the ones where the light is blurred, suggesting movement. I love your second photo with the motorcycle and the phone booth, great!

  3. Hi Sandra, What a beautiful area you live in!! So much to photograph! I think if I was there, I would be out with my camera as much as possible. Your lights are fun. I really ADORE your second photo. I think the reason I like it so much is because I feel like I could walk right into the scene. The shop windows with the love poems is also very appealing to me. Hope you haver a great weekend! ♥

  4. You've done a great job with these low light images! My fav is your first one, it communicates the energy of the traffic. It's so much fun to get a gimpse of your world-- you had to torture us with the bakery photo, didn't you?

  5. What exciting low light photos, Sandra! Playing with moving the camera on lights is so cool, isn't it? The streaks remind me of neon lights. My favorite picture is the red awning, evening blue sky, and the colorful street stands. The second photo does have just the right angle that makes one feel they are walking right into the picture to join the town folk. What an exciting view of your part of the world! Lovely shots, and I can tell you were excited to take several outings to get the right light at different times of the day! Beverly

  6. Wow, Sandra! You did an amazing job with totally different subject matter! These really turned out super. I particularly love the colored lights. My favs are the first (color, movement, and abstract design) and the seventh (color harmony - rust/olive/cream w blue accent and warm glow within)! Looks like you'll have to get up and outside, both early and late.... add in working and you are going to be one tired lady:)

  7. Wow, all of these are awesome! You did a great job Sandra!

  8. Hey Sandra, what a great collection of images! You've really leaped into a new world there. I love the first and last one with the blurred lights. Especially the last one, it's just vibrating. Also the reflected light on the street in the second and third image is stunning. I love the way the circle of trolley lines echoes the circle too. The light in these is really special.

  9. You've done a great job capturing the blue hour. I have yet to finish this assignment, but this is the time of day that I'm hoping to capture too. I also love your first photo, but all of them show the beauty of the sky, and the warmth of the lights. I love the bakery shop window and the tea room with the Valentine poems hanging there!

  10. Hi Sandra,
    What a beautiful post! You've captured the most beautiful times of the day in these photos. The light is amazing. So happy that I discovered your blog!

  11. i love the excitement of the adventures you went on, i especially love the image of the windows at night time, you got some great light captures & had so much fun! very inspiring as i shyed away from night time & stuck with nature !!