Exploring new subjects

Choosing a new subject was a thrilling way to start a new photo shoot.
Because of extreme cold weather, I decided to choose a subject that was in my household.
It's something I see every day and yet I've never purposely chosen to photograph it.
This certainly makes a change from taking pictures of nature!

Looking inside - hmmmm.

What happens on the other side?

Of course!
I just love keys and all they represent.
Isn't this exciting?

Two of my favourite numbers: seven and eight!
Now where shall we go?

A slice of clock time
How about a little reflection?

Well, a little bit of nature did sneak in. Can you see my potted plants?

And here she is in her full glory - with a three-quarter view to show off her curves!
I received this clock as a gift from my brother many years ago.

How did I feel after this photo shoot? 
Do I like the end result?
Yes, I believe I do.
When did I lose a sense of time?
Well, don't tell the clock, but I didn't notice time at all!
Did my favourite images change between capture and review?
Sometimes, but not always.
Did I feel frustrated or want to stop?
No, I could have gone on much longer.
The most difficult part was choosing the images I wanted to put here. I took way over one hundred.
The experience of photographing a new subject was wonderful and is nothing like taking shots of something familiar - except maybe for my love of capturing detail.
I never felt uncomfortable in this exercise.
I don't know if I would change my way of approaching a new subject.
I will only know when that moment is here!


  1. Oh these photos are beautiful! What a lovely clock. You and I had similar experiences - we usually shoot nature, and details, and we both shot our new subjects in the same manner as what we are used to - showing the details. You've chosen some great shots that really show off the beauty of the clock.

  2. What a beautiful clock -- you really did her justice with your wonderful photos! I love the close up of the key. The composition in the numbers image is just lovely -- the inlay is so pretty. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  3. That is a beautiful clock - I love the wood.
    You have managed to get some wonderful pictures of it too. Now you have found something else to work on. Good work.

  4. Hi Sandra, the clock is such a beautiful piece to take 100 pictures of, with the shapeliness of the wood, and the different textures. The decorative wood on the front is so lovely, and the reflection on the glass door is very fun to look at. My favorite is the key, shown on an angle, with the engraving, it's perfect. Lovely job, and a fun new subject.

  5. You've had a wonderful experience with this...how great! Your photos are lovely and at first it was fun to try and figure out what the subject was. My favorite is the second image...a really nice balance of negative space top and bottom...I like how the parts of the clock aren't completely revealed. thank you so much. Gail

  6. Your enthusiasm for this exercise comes through in your words and photos, Sandra. Your images came out beautifully, and you found so many interesting ways to capture this object that you see every day! When you are feeling stuck this is a great exercise to pull out and try again. I'm sure you'll have great success! Thank you for sharing your experience and images with us.

  7. I really enjoyed this assignment, Kat. I've realized that I just adore taking shots of little pieces of things and trying out all sorts of 'crazy' angles. I just couldn't do upside down because of where the subject was placed!

  8. Hi Sandra,
    These a beautiful photographs. Isn't is exciting to get so deep into a subject? I know what you mean about the difficulty in selecting which images to share here. The ones you chosen are all wonderful. I love the depth of field in the image of the key. And I also like the third photograph with the spring and the bronzy reflections. Good work!

  9. Hi Sandra,
    Woot, you really did an amazing job on this assignment!!! Guess it was a good thing that the weather was so cold :) I love how you've come up with so many different and interesting versions and visions of this gem of a clock! It's hard to pick, but I'd say the first capture and the key are my favorites.

  10. What fun! What a pretty little clock too! One of the coolest things about photography is discovering the beauty that is around us each and every day. I really enjoyed your post! : )

  11. This was such an interesting post. I loved seeing all the details of your clock and your description of your experience. You have inspired me to look a little more closely at things while I am photographing them.

  12. Hi Sandra,

    I love all of the shots of the aged wood and brass and the clever shot of the lights coming through the back cover. But my favorite by far is the close up of the brass key and a bit of the face of the clock and wood showing. I enjoyed reading your post and found myself guessing what is was as I went along. I can tell that you really enjoyed yourself.

  13. What a fun post! I was really curious about what the object was! I like how you ended with the shot of the whole clock. Isn't it amazing that you can get so many different shots of one subject?

  14. Very nice, looks like you discovered something new about yourself.

  15. Always a good idea to look at different things, that grill would make a great crochet too..thanks I might have a go x

  16. I'm your new follower ;)

  17. Hi Ana, Welcome! So nice to see you here!

  18. that shot of the key is wonderful!! love the focus :) all these images are great, what a wonderful subject, love your sense of humour in the post too!!