The Month of June

Even though the month of June has arrived, I still have some spring flowers
that I meant to share here in the month of May,
but I never found the right moment to do a new blog entry,
for that, you need the time and the right mood,
especially the latter!

The above scene is taken from the big tulip park in the town of Morges.
The aptly named Tulip Trees were coming into leaf.
I just love the fresh green of spring, don't you?

The fresh green leaves of the Tulip Trees against the blue of the sky.

We got to the park nice and early to enjoy the park with a minimum of visitors.
It had rained in the night, leaving big puddles behind.
In the heat of the summer, these big overhanging trees create very welcome shade.

The late blooming tulips were still on show and was sheer joy to walk among them
and see all of their beautiful colour combinations.

A walk along the lake in the same town of Morges shows the lovely plantations, 
like this beautifully shaped yellow tulip.

Pretty in pink with pink Forget-me-nots

A closer shot without the lake in view to see the opening petals even better.

Elegant red and white stand tall and proud.

Deep pink against the dark water.

A sailing boat with the Mont Blanc Mountain in the background.

Sunshine yellow flowers growing against the railings of a lakeside home.

The beautiful Irises were just coming into bloom.

Something a little different!
After a beautiful and long morning walk, we stopped for lunch on an outside terrace.
I just loved the reflection of my glass of red wine shining on the white tablecloth.
In the base of the actual glass, you can see the reflection of the blue sky!

This was my first trip of the year out into the country to walk alongside the fields
and in the woods above the town.
I can get there by taking a bus, the metro and another bus.
It sounds like a lot of travel, but when connections are good, 
this lovely area can be reached in about thirty minutes.
I love visiting when the dandelions are in bloom.

Here is a wider angled view showing the blue of the sky mixed with soft clouds.
I chose this photo as my header today.
I just love being in the country, the peace of it all and being so close to nature.

Aren't Dogwood flowers beautiful, both in shape, style and colour?
These grow in front of a school in the neighbourhood above mine. 
I love to visit them each year when they're in bloom.

Another point of view against a dappled background of sky and trees.

Walking through the small park to go back home through the quiet streets.
I used to take my grandson here often when he was younger,
there are such good climbing frames at the other end.

These are the pansies from my balcony-garden this year. They have been doing so well.

Now I'm back into the swing of doing a new blog entry,
I've decided to do them regularly during the month of June.
I have so many photos to share taken during the sunnier days.
We have had such mixed weather during May and now in June too!

I hope that you are enjoying sunny days
 and doing all the things you love to do at this time of the year!

My latest crochet work:
Four crocheted coasters for a friend's June birthday.

I love making coasters and mandalas in the form of doilies.
When they're for gifts, I choose the colours I think will suit the person who will receive them.

These chosen colours make me think of sunshine and blue skies.

Here is a link to the site where I found the lovely pattern:


  1. I loved coming on your countryside trip with you! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo's.

    I'm sure the recipient of your coasters will be delighted with their gift. Your crochet is SO neat and lovely.

    Happy Summer!
    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  2. Always so lovely to see you here, faithful Sarn!!
    I hadn't done a blog entry for ov er a month - I don't quite know how that happened!

  3. I totally understand being in the right mood to write up and post a blog entry, Sandra! It doesn't hit me as often as I wish it would!

    Your photos are stunning--you certainly live in a gorgeous part of the world. I would love to view those mountains every day. Beautiful flowers--especially love your pansy photo with the white background and the pink dogwoods. We have two tulip trees in our yard which are wonderful for shade--and the birds love to perch there between feedings at our birdfeeders, too. Hope you enjoy the remainder of June and I look forward to your next post ♥

    1. Lovely to have you visit, Carol. Than you for your kind comments. Dogwoods are just beautiful, I agree. Yes, tulip trees do give lovely shade. How lovely to have birds and sitting in them in your garden.

  4. I forgot to mention how pretty your coasters are--what a great gift! ♥

    1. Thank you! Coasters are so rewarding to make and make lovely gifts!

  5. What wonderful pictures. You truly live in a beautiful area. I love the pic with the redwine. It's awesome.
    Have a great day and greetings

    1. Thanks so much Gabi. I loved seeing the red wine reflection in the white cloth too. Quite fascinating!

  6. I've enjoyed seeing more of spring in your area. The tulips are so gorgeous! I love the pictures with the lake behind them. I haven't blogged in a while, it seems so hard to start back and it does take a lot of time. The colors you chose for your crochet pieces are beautiful together!

    1. Thanks so much, Cathy. I have found the longer we leave it to do a new blog entry, the longer it takes us to get around to it!!

  7. Everything about this post is lovely. I love this season and you have certainly captured it!

    1. So lovely to have you visit, Astri! It is a lovely season right now and the days are heating up quite suddenly.

  8. I like the light, the lake, the water, the flowers with their colours... I need a trip also a little one and with your pictures I dreamt and it is like if I was there.
    Thank you dearest, thank you.
    Have a nice week,

    1. So glad you enjoyed joining me along the lake and among the flower beds, Miriam! It has suddenly become hot in June and there will be plenty more trips to the lake which makes us feel cooler!

  9. I'm like you, it takes a certain mood to blog but I'm moody in general so maybe not exactly like you.

    That yellow tulip seems like it wants to go somewhere.

    Lovely views as always. I wouldn't mind taking a walk in any of the spots in your photographs.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. Thanks for popping in, Lissa. Yes, a new blog entry needs to be done in the right mood, otherwise it will definitely not be a good one!

      We have been going through a very hot period and I've been out and about a lot, so different views will definitely be appearing!

  10. 😍 Wow, "Pretty in pink with pink Forget-me-nots" is beautiful. You captured some wonderful pictures!

    1. Thank you. It's a beautiful period for flowers right now!