What Does December Mean to You?

When I think of December, I think of the colour red.
Do you?
This sweet tiny Christmas angel comes out every year to decorate my home,
so do my crochet pieces that remind of us of winter.

I also think of the trees, here in the park, which have lost almost all their leaves.

The fallen leaves gather in a fenced enclosure, catching the late afternoon sun
illuminating the autumn colours
and the first snowfall reminds us that winter is really here.

The pond has frozen over

Offering us a still-life of fallen leaves and lily pads under the ice.

Pine branches are lain across the flower beds to protect the spring bulbs.

The snow melted in the daytime and then became ice overnight

Look what I found in a store downtown!
Would you wear one of these jumpers? If so which one?
I wouldn't mind one of the scarves or some fancy socks!

I like to add sparkles in my home and like to see  discreet and beautiful
seasonal decorations.
I do not like blinking or flashing lights!
I made a nest for my rose from muslin with gold and silver dots.

A walk in my neighbourhood just before sunset

When a rosy glow illuminated the mountain tops.

I caught a glimpse of the sunset through the trees with the lake and mountains.

One of the things I like to do during the month of December
is creating small gifts for others, like these sparkling snowflakes.
I'll be slipping them into certain envelopes with a Christmas card!

Do you have special things you like to do in December that are meaningful to you?


  1. Some lovely wintry pictures here Sandra. I particularly love the mountain views - which are stunning.

    I like each season for different reasons, but I really love winter sunsets and sunrises; wrapping up warm and going for crisp walks in sparkling air; fresh snowfall; icy patterns. Think the Danes have it right with their Hygge outlook!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  2. Like you, I definitely like all seasons for different reasons! The mountains are lovely with their snowy peaks now!

    I adore walks in the crisp air in the winter and coming home to a cosy atmosphere. Talking of Hygge, do you remember this post:
    we were both reading the same book!

  3. I love the sparkly snowflakes of many colors. I have also crocheted snowflakes and placed in cards. They are good as decor for a bottle of wine as a gift.

    Your photos of the changes in nature as always so beautiful. Thanks for the seasonal cheer!

    1. So lovely to see you, Astri! Yes, I'm pleased with how the sparkly snowflakes turned out, though it isn't the easiest of threads to work with and is quite hard on the fingers, so not all my Christmas cards contained a snowflake, but ten of them did!

      Winter is here and I love so many aspects of this season and making my home cosy. My snowman wreath is on the front door and I'll be putting my Christmastime garland up today!

  4. It would be great to have a stroll in the park, then come back home,have a tea and look at the mountains just before sunset... coming back to reality :-)), all your crochet creations are wonderful. Your beloved will keep them as something really precious.
    And...I can't explain how I like your English custom of exchange cards for Christmas and put them as decorations in the home.

    1. We suddenly have lots snow and it's so beautiful to see! I love the custom of sending Christmas cards too and I already have the first ones decorating my sideboard in the living room! I have written half of my cards and sent them off with pretty stamps! What sort of traditions or customs do you have at this time of the year, Miriam?

  5. What a beautiful collection of December scenes, Sandra! I absolutely LOVE the scenes that you have right outside your home with the majestic mountains in the background--a scene I would never tire of. Your crocheted ornaments will brighten many lives this Christmas--they are beautiful. Wishing you many more lovely days as the countdown to Christmas continues. ♥

    1. Thank you, Carol. I love getting glimpses of the mountains when I'm out walking in my area. Like you and your beautiful cross-stitching, crochet is part of my well-being and enthusiam for creating!

  6. Yes, red for December but only because I often see the color when people decorate their house for the holiday. It really is a color that reminds me of December. That Christmas angel is adorable. Your crochets are always beautiful. I like those star/snowflakes creations.

    Also, white for snow. I like to get more things done in December but it always ends up being a lazy month for me but mostly because, it's the holidays and people seems to rest more during this month.

    Have a lovely December.

    1. Thank you, Lissa. I really like making those sparkling snowflakes. Now I am making tiny bells! I'm rather fond of little angels and I have several different ones. I'll be putting them up here during December!

      I hope that you are engoying this month also!

  7. Merry Christmas wishes to you and your Bel family. Blessings of love and joy upon you,

    1. Thank you for your kind wishes, Miriam. May you and your family also have a wonderful Christmas!