Autumn's Splendour

My daughter and I decided to visit the beautiful Arboretum in Aubonne
Many of the leaves were falling, but there were still  enough for us to .
enjoy the splendour of autumn.
I especially liked walking along the water.

We crossed a bridge which had beautiful and different scenes on either side.

We followed a pathway lined with trees.
The yellow arrows on the tree-trunk show us the way.

It was so quiet and beautiful and the air felt fresh and healthy after the town.

An opening in the trees revealed a pond with pretty evergreen reflections
in the water and burnished beech leaves overhead.

Don't you love shuffling through the crisp, fallen leaves?

We come to an open area on our path with orange-red trees brightening up the scene.

There's another pond

with beautiful reflections.

Those brightly coloured trees have unusual leaves 
which look more like pine needles.

Here is a close-up to see their structure.
(click on the photo so it will fill your screen)

This is the botanical name of the tree.
It's a type of Sequoia which comes from China.

We walked underneath a covered bridge before climbing higher to get a better view.

A Tulip Tree was already losing a lot of leaves

A water feature captured the water tumbling down a steep slope.

Capturing the flow of water.

One last look at the colourful Beech leaves before returning home. 
I think it would be lovely to visit this Arboretum again next spring! Don't you?

Nearer to home, some Cherry Tree Leaves still hang on to the branches.

Many of them have already fallen, like this beauty here.

I liked the contrast of the fresh white chrysanthemums against the fallen leaves.
The season is changing and the cold autumn winds have started to blow.

We shall soon be admiring bare tree silhouettes and maybe even a sprinkling of snow.
We often have a little snow in November.

I hope that autumn is wonderful where you live
and that you are able to go out for invigorating walks and fresh air.
It feels so good to come home again afterwards, 
make a warm drink after enjoying to the full the season we are in.


  1. Again wonderful pics. The autumn colors are great. And yesss, I like shuffling through the leaves. Today as well as a child.
    Happy week

    1. We never grow out of shuffling through crispy, dried leaves, do we Gabi?! The leaves are falling fast now and we shall soon be admiring beautiful bare tree silhouettes!

  2. Nice walking area and wonderful autumn colours! A beautiful day to spend hiking !

    1. Thank you for leaving a comment, Lasse! It's a beautiful and very vast area for walking and the weather was beautiful in the morning when we were there!

  3. Yes I think the Arboretum will be wonderful in spring. Thank you again for all the pictures that you share. I have just learned to appreciate and love autumn in the last years. Now I look at it with different eyes and can really enjoy it.
    Have a nice week dearest Sandra,

    1. So lovely to have your visit, Miriam. I feel that all seasons have their special sort of charm. I am glad you have learnt how to appreciate autumn! We shall soon be in December!

  4. It's always a treat to visit you and see your gorgeous photos, Sandra. I do think your fall ones are some of my favorites. The leaves at your feet remind me of watching my little grandson play in the leaves at his new home last week. Something he didn't get to enjoy while in sunny California :) I hope your daughter and you are able to take more outings together before the weather gets too cold--it must be nice to have her there to enjoy afternoons together! Have a wonderful week ♥

    1. Thank you, Carol! Our leaves are falling fast now, so it's good to take advantage of them while they're still hanging on! Little children (and big ones) love playing in the fallen leaves!
      We shall be going towards colder weather now and we shall need to bundle up and be brisk in our outings! Yes, it is lovely having my daughter not living too far away to do some fun outings with her when she's free!

  5. I like seeing all the trees with their autumn colors. That leaf with the orange/yellow color is a beauty.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you, Lissa. All the leaves are falling fast now and there are more on the ground than on the trees. The yellow and orange leaf that you like is from a cherry tree!

  6. You’ve shown autumn in all her majestic glory xxx

    1. I'm glad that we could go to the arboretum before all the leaves fell to the ground. Thanks for your visit, Sarn!