The Taste of Summer

A season where all our senses become alive.
Close your eyes and feel it on your skin
Listen to the sounds
the birdsong.
I love the peace on my street before the traffic starts up.
Leisurely breakfasts on the balcony
and, when the fridge is empty,
a walk to the shops to enjoy the glorious choice of fruit and vegetables
of the summer season.
Simple meals with a minimum of preparation.
The smell of ripe tomatoes and fresh basil
a trickle of olive oil, a little ricotta and a slice of homemade bread.

Not looking at the time.
Enjoying the moment
as if there were no other.

Noticing each tiny detail of the flowers on my balcony garden
Watching the bees as they collect pollen from my Snapdragons.
Sometimes doing all the things I love
Sometimes just being.
In the joy of life.

Isn't this what summer is all about?


  1. It certainly IS what Summer is all about Sandra. Thanks for sharing. xxx

  2. I also think that's what summer is all about! Those tomatoes look delicious!
    Kate :}

  3. Indeed it is, and it looks and sounds like you are having a wonderful summer, Sandra!

  4. How fresh and entertaining - joie de vivre! Your pics certainly speak of summer, Sandra, I love your blue and white spotted bag, and the aroma of fresh tomato with basil is like no other, they were made for each, other don't you think! Enjoy! xoJoy

  5. Summer is the best - and yes, that is exactly what it's all about!

  6. Yes to it all - including the tomato salad! Let's have a coffee together sometime...

  7. Ah, glorious summer! Lovely collage.

  8. Although I don't really like summer, you make it so beautiful I may have to rethink that statement!

  9. Great descriptions and I love tomato with basil.

  10. What a lovely discovery, this blog! Such gorgeous photos.

  11. You've provided a feast for all the senses here! Happy summer!