A journey into abstracts

Seeing abstracts is like turning off the switch of recognition
as we enter a world of impressions

Curves and straight lines and colour
and depth given by the space in-between.
We stop wanting to interpret

and let ourselves be amazed and touched by the unexpected.

The simplest of shapes and textures
become a lesson in visual harmony.

Shadows and solid objects intermingle and create flow.

Reflections create surreal scenes that tell us stories of the unknown.

For me,
abstracts create a journey scattered with mystery and delight
I love not knowing where they will take me next.


  1. What an amazing variety of abstracts you've found, Sandra. I'll post this link at the Flickr group. Hope you're back soon.

  2. These are all so interesting and I love your interpretation of their appeal-- "a journey scattered with mystery and delight." What a wonderful way to express your talent and creativity.

  3. And I love perusing your amazing photography Sandra - and dreaming; thank you so much! Joy x

  4. Love your abstract images. Such a wonderful variety in the color, lines, and textures! I need to work on abstracts more. They are fun to create!

  5. I linger here, Sandra, amid the shapes, textures, and colors allowing my mind to rest without trying to interpret.

  6. Hi Sandra...great selection as always...fun to do the abstract, the first picture I took one through our bathroom window with the same glass at the old house, must look it out to show you
    Hugs x

  7. Super abstract photo's Sandra xxx

  8. LOVE this!! I love abstracts like this because they take something we know and completely transform it into something else... letting our minds escape reality and letting our imagination run wild! I am especially mesmerized by the shot with the blue, orange and yellow shapes, and the black and white bubble shot with all of the circular shapes and curvy lines... They all have such perfect composition! They make me happy! :)
    Hope you're having a great weekend!
    Kate :}

  9. You are definitely a superb abstract finder and creator Sandra. These are all amazing. I especially love the first two! You inspire me to go forth and make more abstracts...

  10. Sandra ~ I think you've really found your niche with the abstract work. I find them very fascinating and lovely, probably cause they emphasize two intriguing aspects of our visual world - color and design. My fav images from this group are the first (Color!) and the fourth (wonderful, bold graphic design). Happy weekend to you:)

  11. You create a wonderful world of impressions and shapes!

  12. Hi Sandra,
    I really like your photography!
    You have such a good eye to play with textures and colors!
    A great pleasure to get lost in each one for a while! :)
    Enjoy your day!

  13. What wonderful pictures, they actually make you stop for a moment and look as the person commented above - one gets lost in each picture - that's unusual these days - it's nice to get lost in something this lovely for a while!
    Mary x

  14. these are beautiful to look at
    perfect glimpses of life and artful perception
    I have enjoyed looking at each one

  15. And I love your abstracts. Particularly the image here of the bubbles :)

  16. They sure make me stop and think. Lovely Lovely