There's always a light shining somewhere!

We had it all
the rain, the sleet, the snow
yes, and sunny moments too smiling between the clouds.
A weekend in London was all it needed
to be with my family.

Despite the adverse conditions,
there were happy moments
moments of joy
and even if there was some complaining about the weather
when I look back
at the overall picture
I see the fun
and the luminous moments!

This photo was taken from my hotel room
as I zoomed in on the building across a big green expanse of garden.
It make me think of life
and how
in the gloomiest of moments
when there seem to be obstacles in my path
when the conditions seem all  about adversity
a light
is always shining
a window
an opening
in life.

Remembering to look at the overall picture.

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  1. Love this shot, Sandra, and so glad that you had a wonderful time!

  2. Great picture and so true - always essential to look at the big picture -
    Mary x

  3. What a great photo - love the light, but also the raindrops shining on the tree branches.

  4. I love this image so much. It really does capture the essence of London so beautifully. Beautiful words too. So pleased you had a good trip.

  5. Brenda, this really speaks to me, your words and this photo. There is something very comforting about this photo!

  6. Beautiful image! I love the way you've composed it and I love your words.

  7. Wonderful luminous capture here, Sandra, with an important message. Your post header says it all.

  8. A warm light from across the street. Its comforting to know that maybe someone else is enjoying themselves too.
    Pleased you enjoyed your stay with your family.
    London with the lamp lights and the rain is very attractive.

  9. Raindrops brilliantly caught! They look light lights on the branches. I love this.

  10. We truly do carry the sunshine with us, no matter the weather. Great post.

  11. I love how the light catches those little droplets--moments of joy amid the rain. Nice capture!

  12. What a lovely sentiment-and a photo that matches perfectly. I can get in dark moods and not see the light (or maybe not have an awareness of it). This will be a good quote for me to remember. Glad you had time for family and made the most.

  13. What a wonderful statement! Yes, there is always light shining somewhere, even when things look gloomiest. Thanks for reminding us in the Photo-Heart Connection. I'm glad that you had time with your family!

  14. An uplifting post and the image of that warm rectangle of light shining through the gloom is so evocative. I always enjoy your upbeat attitude and ability to find the best in a situation, Sandra.

  15. I adore this photo with the beautiful buttery yellow window stranding out from the gray environment plus the glistening raindrops. Lovely sentiments as well!

  16. Sandra, sounds like you had a great time with your family. Love how you've woven together a sentiment to remember with the perfect accompanying image! Very nicely done!
    Talk soon,
    xo ~ A

  17. Thank you for the reminder, Sandra. That lovely greyed brick, and the droplets on the branches, and the warm orange light - beautiful. :)

  18. It was raindrops that attracted me to this photo when I first saw it, but the more I looked, the more that light drew me. Thank you for sharing the photo and your uplifting thoughts.

  19. You are right. There is always some light to counteract the darkness. Thanks for your lovely photos.

  20. Wonderful advise - I, too, try to look for the bright spot rather than focus on the gloom (though those dripping trees are lovely). Thank you for the web site - I'm still searching for products free of chemicals.

  21. Oh... wonderful photo and beautiful words, so wise. Fantastic photo-heart connection