A simple day

Don't you just love mornings?
The birds had been singing wonderfully since before dawn
and my day started early with a peaceful moment
and a cup of coffee.

I pulled up the blinds to see a pale golden sun rising behind the hill.
Could this mean a sunny day?

The Easter decorations are still hanging on the Easter tree
there's no hurry to take them down!
But the sun was calling me outside...

I knew where to look for sweet violets

Wild anemone

and primroses growing in the gardens around me.
I suddenly felt like getting some flowers for my empty balcony.

The garden centre was beautifully decorated with little paths of flowers

The poppies were particularly stunning in red

and just as lovely in yellow

Just look at this colour with the sun streaming through them.

Here are the pansies I brought home to plant.

A simple day and quite deliciously so!


  1. As I'm enjoying your emerging sun and colorful blooms, it's snowing here in Breckenridge, CO! Great pics to make me smile.

  2. Well, Sandra, it looks like a simply wonderful day! All those bright and happy flowers, smiling on us. The garden center certainly does a nice job of displaying the plants. Thanks for sharing the good times!

  3. Gorgeous picture Sandra, I love wild Primroses, but that wild Anemone took my breath away....it's so beautiful.
    Jacquie x

  4. We had our first sunny weekend in a long time - it was simply soul lifting! Your photos are stunning - as always :)

  5. Ah, Sandra, all these gorgeous flowers brightened a dull day over here. What a pretty garden centre. A unique perspective on your morning tea too. I always enjoy sharing the delights of your world.

  6. Ahh YES! A lovely Spring-like Sunday . . . just splendid. Love your pretty flower pictures. I weeded the front border yesterday . . . very satisfying to see the back of so much Groundsel and Hairy Bittercress (I think?).

    Sarn xxx

  7. Beautiful blooms, all of them, but the wild flowers, oh my!

    That sunrise shot is spectacular Sandra :D

  8. What a beautiful site to see this morning! Gorgeous flowers and colors. The one's that stole my heart were the wildflowers. I love to happen upon them. They make me gasp every time!! Have a lovely week!

  9. So pretty. Love the promise of a sunny morning and you've captured it beautifully. Lovely flowers too. Have a great week. :)

  10. Sandra, those anemones are just gorgeous!
    I do love mornings, and I will love them even more when I am off for the summer, and they are not so hurried.
    Beautiful, beautiful photographs, and the light is so wonderful.

  11. Love that first shot and such pretty flowers! I can't get over how pretty the wild anemones are!! Those pansies must look gorgeous on your balcony!
    Have a great week!
    Kate :}

  12. What a panoply of happy colour. Each flower has its own beauty. I'm not familiar with wild anemone. How pretty!

  13. Stunning flowers...Spring has arrived at last. Adore the walkways of flowerpots at your garden centre...stunning.
    Hope you enjoy my book, seems to be getting a very positive response....seeing my book on shops is such a giggle, can't believe I did it!
    Your copy has been posted a couple of days ago so you should have a parcel soon
    Hugs xx

  14. Hi Sandra,
    Spring is graciously adoring your world. Lucky you. Your images are wonderful - beautifully composed! My fav is the wild anemone with its perfect composition, DOF, and focus!!! Well done.
    Enjoy your day.
    xo A
    PS more snow predicted here....pushing the limits of sanity :)

  15. Sandra,
    Such delightful and inviting images!

  16. Oh Sandra, from the first shot of your blue jeans with that lovely cup and saucer of coffee resting on them, to all those delightful flowers - what a gorgeous post! We have had a WEEK of sleet, rain, ice, snow, and grey skies. I needed to see those flowers. Thank you! :)

  17. Sandra, your flowers are such a pleasure! I'm glad you brought the pansies home. They'll be so happy at your place.

  18. Sometimes the simplest days are absolutely the best :))
    Such gorgeous flowers and that garden centre looks beautiful with all those pretty flowers in bloom.
    Thanks for sharing your day with us. It is nice to see some nice weather for a change, I hope the rest of your week is just as good :))

  19. so much pristine spring beauty
    my heart is full
    thank you

  20. At first I thought this was on your balcony, that would have been many flowers for a balcony ;-) Very beautiful. a feast for the eyes.

  21. Those wild anemones had me mesmerised!
    Simple days are the best - nothing like really enjoying a cup of coffee consciously, one sip at a time.