Striding into Spring!

Sunshine and spring flowers
get me lacing up my walking shoes
and into the fresh air!

Even going shopping gets me moving as I shun the bus to go downtown!

My favourite place to walk is out in the country
where the grass is green and inviting

and the winding country roads take me past farms

and through wonderful scenery.
It felt so good to use my walking poles again
and the whole body gets a much deeper workout by using them.

Wild flowers, like these anemone, are filling the woods and roadsides.

the bees are busy again

and the pussy-willow show off their furry, silver catkins against the blue sky.

Who's coming walking with me?

About walking with poles:
Nordic walking (or pole walking) is like cross-country skiing without the snow.
When you use the poles correctly, besides your legs, your upper body gets a great workout. 
According to the Mayo Clinic, "Walking poles work your arms, shoulders,
chest and upper back muscles
through a full range of motion as you walk."
The effort you use swinging the poles
transforms your daily walk into a total body workout.
Even the abdominal muscles are used every time you lift and plant the poles.

Ever since I discovered the kind of exercise a few years ago,
I have felt the wonderful benefits
and how my whole body tingles
as well as how much more toned my muscles become
with a regular workout.
Three times a week is ideal and I aim on doing outings of at least an hour
for full benefits.
Doing any sort of regular exercise gives us a feel-good sensation
and if we are lucky enough to be able to get out in nature to do it -
so much the better!

Try it!  
Then share your experiences with me!


  1. Oh your walk looks wonderful - all that fresh air and beautiful countryside. :))

  2. I'd love to walk those green landscapes and curving roads with you. Sweet little violets!

  3. It looks like a wonderful spring there, Sandra!
    I walk a lot every day, even when it's freezing out there.
    Winters here can be long, and I would so miss my walking if I did not get out there, but I love doing it in far less clothing than I have to pile on in the winter!

    I hope you had a great day!

  4. What a gorgeous walk. It makes me happy just looking at it. And I'm curious about your experience with those poles. How do they give you a better work out?

    1. Sherry, I can't find an email address on your blog to be able to reply to your question about pole or Nordic walking. So I've added a short text to the end of my posting on this blog entry.

    2. That's so kind of you Sandra. I have become intrigued with this as there is a group in my community that does it and I have been thinking of joining. You look like you love it so I was curious about your experience and the benefits of the poles. Thanks!

  5. Spring in Switzerland. Its beautiful. My daughter lives in Lucern
    We have taken a few walks through the forest near the lake many times.
    I have seen people using the poles, but did not know the benifit of it. now I do.
    It looks lovely where you are Sandra..
    wishing you a happy day.

  6. WOW - I can almost smell the fresh air. Looks wonderful and the poles sound like a good idea. I've often see a local chap using them around town! Now I know WHY!

    Sarn xxx

  7. Wow, you have such stunning view where you walk! I love how you captured yourself with the gorgeous mountains in the background. It looks like a beautiful springtime there! I try to walk each day; keeps me in shape for photography!

  8. Hi Sandra,
    The countryside around you is gorgeous, as is your springtime! All that green and flowers even, you know I am very envious. Lovely captures. Good for you with the exercise program, plus being outdoors makes it seem like not exercise at all but rather just the enjoyment of nature.
    Our walk last night included heavy jackets, hats, scarves, mittens and a snow covered world! I would much rather be out walking with you :)
    take care,
    xo ~A

  9. Beautiful!! That walking photo with your shadow and the mountains in the background is amazing!! I'm so jealous of that green grass!!
    Kate :}

  10. Oh I'll come walking with you! Such lovely scenery, who could not want to get out and enjoy it? Beautiful fresh greens and blues here have given us all a waft of Spring air today.

  11. "On violets she trod...." That first photo is a little poem in itself. (I long for violets.) :)

    Wow, with scenery like that who wouldn't go walking? (Just now my eye glanced up and I see that the previous commenter said almost exactly the same thing). Thank you for the info on Nordic walking. I've had plantar fasciitis in one foot all winter and it has kept me from walking as much as I like to do. If it ever gets better I will consider giving the Nordic walking a try.

  12. What stunning scenery! I so agree that Spring is the time for walks - especially with those views!
    Mary x

  13. Nice post Sandra. Beautiful scenery and anemones which we don´t have here yet (but soon I hope)...and the workout - great !!
    I myself do mostly running and skiing. Have a wonderful life !

  14. How lovely. I started some Cross Fit a few weeks ago and I already feel the benefit of exercising. I am stronger and more alert, more focused more energized. My walks are not as many as they used to be but now when weather is allowing I am starting again. Minimum 15 minutes a day to begin with. I am curious about the walking poles... Love cross country skiing. Maybe I should give that a go.

  15. Hi I see you use Nordic walking poles...must dig mine out and count a few paces lol
    Hugs x