A Weekend in London

Come rain or shine
it's such a special place to be.
I love the cheerful coloured doors, the railings and the window-boxes.

I like this street in the Bloomsbury area with the brick houses
and the old-style gas lamps.

Does it always rain in England?
No, it sometimes sleets and snows and is windy!

Peering out of my hotel window in the early morning
the paths were dry!

and low and behold the sky turned blue with clouds of pink.

From the breakfast room, a friendly taxi reminded me that I was in my home country.

Off for a walk in well-known streets and admiring the pink blossom on the way.

My favourite Indian restaurant I discovered a few years ago.

Just look at that blue sky!
Oh! they're just passing!

Back to the hotel to write some cards
I like the phrase on the Post Office bag.

A walk to the end of the road to post my cards

One to Switzerland and one to Canada

and a walk through the nearest park to enjoy some spring flowers

Sweet crocus which have just been watered by an obliging shower!


  1. Love the red door and the flowers!! I'm glad that it wasn't sleeting and windy the whole time! And I love that phrase on the post office bag! Really makes you think about the impact a little hand written note can make! Thanks for sharing!
    Kate :}

  2. What a fantastic place to be with a camera, Sandra.
    I hope you are having a wonderful trip.
    Happy Easter to you, my friend!

  3. London is such a beautiful place. I love that you've shown ordinary things too, like the mailbox! Another thing I noticed was the touches of red that kept popping up...flowers, doors, buses, taxi's. Very patriotic! Hope you enjoy you stay!

  4. i enjoyed seeing London through your eyes!
    wishing you a grand time where ever you are now.

  5. I love London!!! It´s a colourful city
    I love red door,red bus,red mailbox...

  6. Oh Sandra! you're making me SOOO homesick!!! isn't London gorgeous!!!
    Mary x

  7. Oh you've been living it up in London. How fabulous! I love your wonderful images. They really convey the feeling of what you saw and enjoyed. I love the rich reds and blues and purples.

  8. Terrific pictures of London despite the weather. I love your outlook on life.

    Happy Easter

    Sarn xxx

  9. Hienosti esittelet 'London-Lookkin'.
    Hyvää Pääsiäistä...
    Terveisin Eko

  10. I'm glad you found so much to see and enjoy in London, even with the grim weather! You've uncovered loveliness even in this busy city.

  11. What fun to tour around London town with you! You managed to find blue sky and Spring flowers! I love the red door with the matching flowers. -- great shot! Your mail sequence is fun too.....our p.o.s all seem to be going out of business. Thanks for sharing these, Sandra!

  12. I think in the midst of life's bustle it's easy to forget what a great city London is. I rarely seem to get there since we moved to Wales so really enjoy a post like yours. Seeing familiar places through other folk'e eyes is part of the joy of blogging methinks :D

  13. Glad you enjoyed your trip to London. It does sometimes seem like it's always raining, but we do see the sun sometimes, honestly!

  14. I love to visit London - the last time I was there was about 5 years ago when I went with one of my sisters' for a weekend. We had a great time, eating out, seeing a show and general sight seeing.
    Sounds as if you enjoyed your stay too. :))

  15. Oh, lucky you! It is a lovely city. So glad you enjoyed your time there. When I was there last (February 08) the daffodils were just coming on to bloom in St. James's Park. Sigh. :)

  16. I enjoyed my walk with you - a former English major who's never been to England!