Going down to the park

The joy of seeing swollen tree buds and deep blue skies again!
 I live in the city but enjoy the parks
and the biggest one is only 20 minutes away on foot.

As I walked down the hill, I could see wild flowers growing in the grass

and I smiled at the enthusiasm of this little flower peeping out of a crack in a wooden fence!

I saw these blue beauties under trees in the park.

The fountain creates such a peaceful sound and birds use it to drink from
 and sometimes take a bath in a ruffle of joyful feathers!

Just look at that glorious splashing water!

A whole bank of daffodils soak up the sun

with an attractive building at the end of the flowery alley.

The daffodil, sunshine petals that make me feel alive and happy!
Are you enjoying sunshine now too?


  1. Hi Sandra, beautiful images in this post..love your park .
    You have bluebells at the same time as daffodils !
    It will be a few more weeks till we have bluebells.
    Jacquie x

  2. Very beautiful shots..I wish you a happy weekend!!!

  3. Love that field of daffodils, it just shouts spring and happy! Happy weekend. :)

  4. Only enjoying sunshine via your beautiful pictures!!!! Thank you sooooo much. xxxx

  5. I'm smiling at all the colorful blooms you can already enjoy. Still in the throes of winter here in CO!

  6. A spectacular time of year and you have capture its beauty so well, Sandra!!

  7. Gorgeous images in this post and your last ... spring really has sprung!

  8. Oh to have leaves and flowers! :)

    That fountain close-up is perfect.

  9. Yes, we are enjoying sunshine and it´s wonderful, and so your post is

  10. It looks like you have some beautiful color there now, Sandra.
    These photographs are wonderful.
    Love the light in them.

  11. Sandra, I am seriously jealous of all the gorgeous color that currently surrounds you!!! Lovely, yummy....send some my way :) My favorite shot is the bank of daffodils. The abundance and design, with the diagonal lines of the flowers leading into the space, is perfect!
    Today, you'll be able to see my spring. Hint - it leans heavily on the color white!
    Take care,
    xo A

  12. My goodness, those daffodils are magical, Sandra!
    Reminds me of beautiful summer sunshine.
    Your photographs are wonderful!

  13. Spring has sprung! So glad I stopped by on this dull Monday morning to borrow a bit of the springtime loveliness in your corner of the world. As always, the joy and perceptiveness of your images puts a smile on my face. I'm especially impressed with that exhuberant splashing water, I don't imagine it was an easy shot.

  14. What a beautiful park to have close by! I love the gorgeous spring colors and the little flower poking out. Oh yeah, love the splashing water, also!

  15. parks are treasures indeed
    thank you for sharing your walk with us through your beautiful images and words.

    lovely spring to you ~

  16. Beautiful flowers!!! Daffodils make me happy too! I've been enjoying the sun and warm weather about every other day... strange weather, but I'll take whatever sun I can!
    Kate :}

  17. Kauniin kesäistä Teillä siellä on.
    Mahtavia kuvia värikkäistä kukista ja luonnosta kaupungissa.
    Terveisin Eko

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