The Earth's Slumber

dressed in muted tones 
prepares for the earth's slumber

Harmoniously hanging seed-pods
gather together like a flock of birds to keep warm.
Twittering secretly 
to harmonize their twirling flight.

Autumn leaves have surrendered
to the snow and ice
creating beauty in the process.

Icy sculptures form along the branches

and the wind creates little plant people
rushing to an unknown destination.

The birds  will soon be happy
 with these red beauties
as the earth is gradually covered in a blanket of  falling snow.


  1. Hi Sandra

    Again a lovely serie photo's,
    they are very nice to see.

    Wish you a great weekend.

    Hugs, Joop

  2. Lovely pictures and poem! I love that icy branch with the little red berries set against the light blue sky- so pretty! What a nice transition from the first picture to the last!
    Have a great weekend,
    Kate :}

  3. What lovely observations on the transition of the seasons from Autumn to Winter. I see the little plant people, they look like they are in a hurry! And yes the birds will be delighted with such bounty.

    Have a restful weekend, Sandra.

  4. such lovely colors
    precious light
    fun little plant people
    each image a delight

  5. I like your perspective both in photos and words. The berries against the backdrop of snow are so vivid. I'm hoping we'll get some much-needed snow in CO this weekend.

  6. Those seedpods DO look like little birds...and the dried plants like little people. Perfect images!

    Lucky you to have snow. :)

  7. Gorgeous pictures Sandra, I love your wonderful Robin. Thank you for all your kind comments.
    Jacquie x

  8. What a lovely post Sandra! The little story about nature sleeping is so poetic, and I love ready your words! The pictures are beautiful - I love the one of the berries - always a fave to see in the winter. Have a lovely weekend!!

  9. You've captured so much of the beauty of the winter -- those red berries on the branch are lovely! Wonderful contrasts with the ice and snow!

  10. What a beautiful series this is, Sandra!
    Love those red berries.
    Wishing you a bright beginning to your week.

  11. Hi Sandra,
    A wonderful winter close-up series! Each piece is beautifully composed and focused with just the right DOF to set off the details of nature's design. The simple color harmonies of this season really add power to our images, don't you think? Your artistic eye always shows through :)
    Wishing you a great week!

  12. Sumptuous images Sandra, they made me feel cold and happy ... I love winter!

  13. Hi another set of fabulous pictures Sandra, do you have your pictures on your walls at all? I think they would look great.
    Hugs x

  14. Beautiful pictures. I love the berries in the snow. xx

  15. Sandra, this is all so beautiful; I can't decide if I like the words or the pictures best. I love your "little plant people", the "harmoniously hanging seed-pods", and the autumn leaves that have surrendered...

    Hope your day's a good one!

  16. Sandra, these are gorgeous! I love the beautiful shapes of winter! I'm a little envious of your ice and snow! We reached the upper 60's today! I feel so much more in the Christmas mood after reading your blog!!