Photo-Heart Connection: November

The sun was already low in the sky
which was taking on that beautiful blue that happens at this time of day.
The fresh outdoors was waiting for me
and on the path I had chosen
grows a beautiful cedar tree.
A fluttering sound of beating wings and cooing
pulled my eyes upwards to dozens of pigeons
seeking their place on the outstretched boughs.
I stopped and observed their behaviour and saw that each 
had found a place on the chosen branch.

I watched them for a long time
as they fluttered and landed and then settled in.
Some were preening their feathers,
some hunched up a little as if preparing for the night
and others sat perkily looking around them.

Why do I feel connected to this scene?
Because it gives me peace
It gives me a feeling of contentment
A feeling that all is in its proper place.
I love the unquestioning simplicity
of birds settling down for the night
in this lovely cedar tree.

May I also go through life
with unquestioning simplicity knowing that 
 where I am
is where I am meant to be.

Unquestionably simple!


  1. Unquestionably simple, yet profound. Peace, contentment, finding our place in the world -- wonderful image for these themes. As always, you've expressed your thoughts so beautifully, Sandra.

  2. I loved your image before I read your heartfelt words, and now I love it even more! Your last stanza is a beautiful prayer. May it be so for all of us.

  3. To know that everything is as it should be...what a lovely gift, in word and image.

  4. Beautiful, I love the blue that happens at that time of day too. There's something peaceful and eveloping about it.

  5. lovely photograph
    lovely find
    lovely thoughts

    thank you for sharing this simple beauty

  6. What a lovely image Sandra, there is something very peaceful about it.
    I love the way you express your thoughts. :)

  7. Hi Sandra,
    I want to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment. I felt really nice after reading it :)
    I love how you have connected with this photograph. It is true that everything has its place.. such a comforting thought especially at times when one feels lost and lonely.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

  8. Sandra so beautiful such wonderful words (visiting from photo heart connection)

  9. Ah, what a sentiment! "May I also go through life with unquestioning simplicity knowing that where I am is where I am meant to be." Incredibly beautiful. And the image too... the simplicity of the color and shape, with those birds so perfectly spaced. Thank you for sharing this in the Photo-Heart Connection this month!

  10. To not question. An interesting thought. I feel peace in your image and love the stark darness of the birds in the busy silhouette of the tree branches. How fortunate that you gazed upward.

  11. Hello Sandra,
    I've been reading, Awakening the Buddha Within, and your post reminds me of this book and the concept of living in and enjoying the moment. Silhouettes can create such interesting designs, as you've shown here! Plus, the simplicity of the blue and black create such a peaceful place to pause. Lovely, as is your writing, as always.
    Wishing you a wonderful week full of peaceful simplicity :)

  12. I love silhouettes and this is a beautiful example, with it's feeling of settling down for the night, roosting in a favourite place. A lovely message too: everything in it's place, just where it's meant to be. Thinking of that can give us a moment of serenity. Thank you for passing on a message that can bring all of us back to ourselves.

  13. What a perfect Photo-Heart connection, Sandra, and this silhouette is just beautiful.
    I absolutely love pigeons.

  14. Sandra, that photo is beautiful... I love silhouette photos in nature.

  15. Such a peaceful and lovely photo. That dusky blue is the most beautiful shade, and the pigeons so perfectly spaced along the branch. Thank you for posting! :)

  16. A beautiful image and a beautiful sentiment. Simply beautiful

  17. What a beautiful image, and perfect words to go along with it. The color is gorgeous, and I love the way the solid silhouettes of the birds contrast with the softness of the branches. I can truly relate to the sense of peace and contentment that it gives you.

  18. Beautiful image and I love your words. Reading through the comments, I am fascinated that a little something different seems to have resonated with each person. For me, your words "each had found a place on the chosen branch" really stood out and connected with me deeply. A truly lovely photo-heart connection.

  19. Yes, such a great connection Sandra...I am oh so often attracted to the birds that come together on the line...I love how every one of them seems to not be questioned as to whether or not they should be there, welcoming all! Thanks for sharing

  20. Unquestionably simple... A perfect place to be! :)

  21. Sandra, so enjoyed your post and picture too. Simple is wonderious, isn't.

  22. This is lovely! The photo and the words!

  23. Wonderful post, love the image and your words. This unquestioning simplicity is so precious, and even when it´s hard to achieve sometimes, we shouldn´t stop looking for it. Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo-heart connection, I needed to read this today