Photo-Heart Connection: December

Does a branch ask itself how long it will be covered in snow?
Do the buds get impatient to open in the warming rays of the sun?

How is it that we sometimes put human emotions and limiting questions
onto things we observe around us?

Does nature plan the year ahead?`
Does it have goals?
Does it want to achieve something to obtain accolades?
Do the spring flowers plan on poking their way out of the earth
at such and such a date? Or else?

Does the sky expect applause for being blue?

Who are we without our plans?
Without our set dates,
without our firm and intrepid decisions about this or that?

Who am I
without all of that?

It is easy to cling to ideas that we have closed ourselves into
like a prison of thought forms
swirling around and creating little stories in our heads.

Who am I without these stories?
When I observe nature around me, whatever the season,
I see and feel a sense of beingness
I see an openness and creativity
I see freedom
I see me, just as I want to be.

Feeling a heart-connection with this snow-laden branch as it leads me
towards an attitude of creativity and endless possibilities
to be who I really am.

Thanking Kat Sloma of
for organizing a second year of
Photo-Heart Connection.


  1. Warm greetings Sandra....
    ABSOLUTELY Beautiful thoughts and words, with deep emotional ties!! You are such a profound writer, expressing feelings and thoughts, and comparing to nature!! This is awesome! Wishing you a wonderful New Year 2013.

  2. Wundervoll!
    Liebe Grüße & schönes Wochenende,*Manja*

  3. A beautiful image, I don't know the answer to any of the questions but I do know nature is wonderful.
    Mary x

  4. Bądź więc zawsze sobą, jak przyroda. Śliczne zdjęcie. Życzę szczęśliwego Nowego Roku i pozdrawiam.
    So be always together, like nature. Cute picture. I wish you a Happy New Year and best regards.

  5. Such good questions, Sandra! Sometimes it's good to just be. Wonderful image, I can understand why you have the photo heart connection.

  6. Hermosas fotografias.Felicidades!

  7. Wonderful picture and wise words for thought and reflection, Sandra!
    Happy new year!

  8. You have such a wonderful way of writing and putting words together. Such lovely thoughts for today. Your picture is nice too :))

  9. reading your words
    sensing how you think and feel
    i can only smile
    your questions are wonderful
    eye opening
    bringing us to the present
    that is what i love about nature also, it is what it is
    it holds a stance that is not emotional or psychological
    and sensing this i find my center easily
    thank you for sharing your wisdom and lovely images with us

  10. A time of year post?...A time of year we all think a little about past present and future, ask the questions,make plans and then just get on with what ever needs to be dealt with I'm sure.
    Spring around the corner one sure fact.....hugs xx

  11. Goodmorning Sandra

    A very nice photo and nice words,
    always nice to read.

    wish you a wonderful New Year with great photo moments.

    Kisses, Joop

  12. Happy New year to you Sandra !

  13. Beautiful photo and beautiful questions!! I find that nature has a way of putting things in perspective, letting you see the entire picture, and connecting you to the greater whole... those little stories seem to dissolve in the endlessness. Thanks for your inspirational words and Happy New Year!!!

    Kate :}

  14. That's a beauty of a photo, Sandra. And your words really spoke to me today. I'm not one for resolutions but it's easy to feel like you are lacking... or slacking... this time of year when deadlines are being set and grand plans unveiled. What works for one doesn't always work for another. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reminding me that it's OK to grow at your own natural pace like one of those spring flowers.

  15. Sandra, this is a truly beautiful post, with some questions that I often find myself asking.

    I feel so fortunate to have met you here, and I wish you a most wonderful New Year.


  16. Fabulous, dear!

    Happy New Year, full of joy, health and God’s Blessings!

  17. Such a wonderful connection here Sandra, great words and things to ponder. I always talk about nature and her patience and rhythm, I guess I need a little adopting of some of that right now! haha

  18. you really caught the moment and connection Wishing you a wonderful 2013

  19. I love this lesson from nature! Very inspiring and a fabulous photo heart connection. Happy New Year!

  20. "Does the sky expect applause for being blue?" Wonderful words!

    A Happy New Year to you - open and creative and beautiful, just like your photos. :)

  21. I absolutely love this post . . . nature showing up without an form of agenda, just being. Love the little robin in your header too.

  22. Sandra, what an amazing Photo-Heart Connection this month! You bring up so many good questions... nature doesn't have plans or deadlines, but works with the natural rhythms of the earth and amazing things happen. Can we do any less? Your image is gorgeous and your words touch my heart and soul. Thank you for joining in this month. (And for working through the problems with the darn button!)

  23. Lovely image and lovely thoughts and questions.

  24. A beautiful photo and beautiful connection. I am struck by the idea of a branch choosing "one little word" for the new year - LOL!
    rinda (visiting from PHC)

  25. Beautiful image and I love your words - all very good questions!

  26. Such lovely words and connection with your picture, Who are we without our plans?
    Without our set dates? thoughts to ponder. Visiting from PHC, so good to have 'met' you here

  27. thanks for your inspiring words and wonderful image. they speak to my heart too...

  28. As always, beautiful words and stunning image! Nature is so soothing in it's changes and rhythms. Thanks for the timely reminder to not plan every moment of our lives, but take time to just "be!"

  29. Wonderful post, I love your words, so very inspiring and the photo is fabulous. Great photo-heart connection

  30. Beautiful the great contrast against the blue sky.

  31. Wonderful image and wonderful reflection. I often ask myself the same thing... Life is so busy, so full, we never stop. When I am on top of a mountain I feel this freedom you talk about. And I am not even a passionate skier, but I can feel it. One with nature brings out the best in us. The truth. The soul.
    Every appointment, must and scheduled have-to and every material thing added to our life tend to blur the picture of who we really are, what we really want. We forget, get side tracked, drawn in... And it is hard to find our way back, stop, and reflect.
    My Rose Valley