Reflections on a wall

Setting sun on a wall
A wall that hides the sky from view
Yet I know the sun shines
thanks to the wall.

The wall has windows
People live there
They see my wall too
They know the sun is rising
thanks to my wall.

When we cannot see the sky
When we cannot see the sun
We know they are there
thanks to a reflection.

Town dwellers 
see walls and reflections
and dream of skies and clouds and fields and flowers
they dream of nature.

We do not need eyes
to know that all is there
To know what is
to know how to be
We need no-thing
All is there
right inside...


  1. Lovely poetry to accompany your city dwelling image! (I don't know how to add a watermark to my photos, either!) I'll be visiting your blog on a more regular basis now.

  2. Yes, you are a poet! I love your words and the lovely light captured in your image.