Letting in the light

It's so easy to look at the world through closed windows...

just open them up and breathe in LIFE!

An interesting little note:
comes from the word
meaning wind-eye from old-Norse 'vindr' (wind) + auga (eye).
The word, along with many others, was introduced to the Anglo-saxon language by Danish settlers 
mainly during the period from the 9th to the 11th century.


  1. Sandra, i love this, a breath of fresh air :)

    1. It's so lovely to open a window and have trees and greenery to feast your eyes on. We city dwellers open our windows to other buildings! Luckily, there is a birch tree planted to the left of my balcony and a little patch of green below my window and I so appreciate them!

  2. Now that's a wonderful preview of spring! Just what I needed on foggy cold morning -- thanks!