Ballet in blue

In harmony

Waiting in the wings


Budding dancers
Curtain call


  1. Well, this is a lovely dance! Your ballerinas are so pretty.....wonderful macros, Zinnia! My favorite is curtain call.

    1. Hi Gina, this series was really fun to do! When I transfered the photos to the screen they made me think of little blue ballet dancers! Yes, I like 'curtain call' too and the curtain effect happened when I was very close to other flowers on the left which just blurred up into a lavender haze!

  2. Hi Sandra - beautiful hyacinth photos. I really like the way you photographed "curtain call". Now I have the urge to visit our local garden center any buy a flower to photograph. Last summer I wandered around and took lots of photographs of their flowers. They said as long as I didn't take photos of any people there, it was fine to do. Have you ever done that?

  3. Hi Phyllis, No, I haven't really taken any photos in a garden centre, though I did once take some really stunning Hibiscus blooms in one a couple of years ago. They must be among my lost flower photos.
    Those hyacinths were quite an inspiration. I'm waiting for other spring flowers to be on sale in their pots. I've just crocheted a little jacket for another hyacinth pot! That was fun. I shall make more!

  4. So beautiful The way there seems to be a veil ovr one side. Lovely. Email coming up.