Exploring Familiar Subjects

The familiar subject I have chosen to photograph is a flower. It is a subject which appears most consistently in my inspiration file.
I just happen to have an Amaryllis plant in my home at the moment and the sun shining into the room created wonderful transparencies against the light.
I took my camera and circled the flower and the different curves and textures caught my eye.

As I moved and changed my position - sometimes on my toes, sometimes kneeling down, coming in close and pulling away, I felt that I was dancing with the flower and the flower seemed to be dancing with me! I sometimes get this feeling with trees when I'm out walking in nature, but this was the first time with a flower!

I was totally drawn to capture parts of the flower as opposed to the whole subject. It felt like painting with my camera

One detail was enough

Texture and layering drew me in

The centre radiated the pulse of life as I knelt down to allow myself to be enveloped by the sheer intensity and this is when I felt the most interested and excited.

I suppose I did lose track of time as I entered deeper into the flower's sheer presence.

I am finding it difficult to stop sharing images here as each one is unique and represents the soul of this subject.

Do I like the end result? 
I like the fact that the images often seem more like paintings than photographs... I could put many more pictures here to illustrate that, but I am already way over the number I first planned to include.
I liked everything about this experience and will definitely do it again.
If I changed anything, it would be to have more time!


  1. Oh my goodness Sandra/Zinnia--these photographs took my breath away. The first one is essence of Amaryllis with the curve and the shadows through the overlapping petals. They are all beautiful--and you're quite right, they are like paintings. I loved your description of dancing with the flower and findings its soul. And I can see why you'd have difficulty choosing just a couple. Each is an aspect of the flower. The last one is lovely with the focus on the stamens and the little gleam of pink at the top.
    I'm totally with you on the flower obsession.

  2. WOW! Gorgeous reds, I love the fact like you said, that these feel more like paintings that photos - true artistry!

  3. The color of these photos is just gorgeous! I actually have a technical question. What kind of lens did you use to take these photos? I love macro shots but have a standard zoom on my camera now, so getting as close as you did is intriguing me. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your remarks about the flowers, belle_mlle.
      The lens I used for these photos was a Sigma 50mm Macro. I also used the standard lens which came as part of the camera. So the shots are a mixture of both.

  4. Wow! Your dance with the flower resulted in some beautiful images! I love the lines and textures, and, of course, the color.

  5. Absolutely stunning! And you speak with such poetic flair! Would love to see these photos on a large canvas.

  6. These are GORGEOUS and I could absolutely see them blown up and printed on canvas. They reminded me of Georgia O'keeffe images!

  7. Lovely, lovely, lovely, you are an artist with camera and words, Zinnia.

  8. I love the idea of "dancing" with your subject! That is a wonderful way to describe the connection you felt. You are definitely "painting" with your camera in these images. The details and the colors are beautiful. I can see why you had trouble deciding which was your favorite. I'm glad you plan to repeat this exercise, it will be fun to see what you get.

  9. You captured such variety with this one flower. Each shot is so completely different and expresses the flower in a different way. I love the softness in the "flower whisperings" - perfect words to go with the image. Gorgeous work! I was reminded of Georgia O'Keefe with a few of them :)

  10. Outstanding. You really captured some amazing colors and shapes.

  11. Your description of "dancing" truly gives us the sense of how you were reveling in the moment! These are gorgeous captures! I am especially drawn to their color and delicate form. Flowers are always such perfect subjects in that regard. My favorites are the first (color and sense of movement that the curves give), and the last two. The second to the last, for its unusual composition - yes, they do look like they are speaking to each other, and the last image for its drop-dead color, composition, and pistil detail. Lovely job!

  12. Thank you everybody for your words and input which are really helpful. They tell me what seems to work the best as a means to expressing myself through this art form.

    Thank you for bringing into focus some of the things I have tried to depict and others which have happened in the process!

    Kathy, I had to look up Georgia O'Keefe! Her art was very original to be sure!

  13. Just lovely! I feel the flower was happy that its beauty appreciated in such great detail :)

  14. i feel this flower & your joy at dancing with it, all your images are so beautiful & capture how delicate it is, i can definately see the art in your images. Lovely!!

  15. I LOVE these amaryllis photos, the shapes created by the cropping, the nuances of color - STUNNINGLY beautiful. They show your inspiration and the joyful experience you had. One thing I notice in all of them is that, regardless of how much you worked with curves and diagonals, I always seem to see an underlying reference to the horizontal or vertical axis. It may be explicit as in the first shot, or comprised of several forms/lines, or even created by the particular balance of two diagonals working in concert (if any of this makes sense). And I don't mean anything to do with whether the camera was vertical/horizontal; it's inherent in the image itself and grounds it in a satisfying way.

  16. I really appreciate everyone's feedback. Thank you!