Tradition has it to wish everyone a Happy New Year, but a year is so long and 2012 has 366 days!
Each day has many moments and they may take many forms
and since we can deal with only one moment at a time
which , when it comes, is always Now!
All the rest is pure speculation!
live the moment as it arises
in whatever form it takes.


  1. What a vivid image! I agree that we cannot be happy all the time, and to be aware in each moment is more important. I struggle with this all the time, but yoga helps me focus. I am getting better at slowing down...maybe it has something to do with aging.

  2. Yes, I had fun with that image, didn't I?!!

    As for happiness, it's easier to see how we create un-happiness for ourselves by wanting things to be different to the way they are.

    I'm sure that yoga is most helpful and is wonderfully centering. I used to do it too, but have now turned to Tai Chi which really suits me right now.

    Nice to chat with you here!