Lakeside Art

Several outings to the lakeside town of Montreux have amazed me
with their sculptures and other original art forms.
I particularly liked these huge red sculpted metal wings.

This very tall metal bird is full of character.
Even the little sparrows used him as a useful perch.
I can count seven of them!

Window frames have been used in beautifully decorative ways.
Climbing plants have been incorporated to make them part of the scenery
and this one has a statue nearby.

Colourful shutters hang from a tree

I really like this statue of a man reclining on long poles
against a background of mountains
called Les Dents du Midi.

A crystal ball reflecting an upside down image of the surroundings.

A yellow metal sculpture which seems to be blowing in the wind.

A bench to sit and admire the view and more hanging window frames.

An open door and frame and a view on the lake and mountains.

Modern art framing a steam boat in the distance.

Colourful Begonia flowers and three window frames.
Such a clever idea!

I'm so glad that I visited the lakeside in Montreux more than once.
There was so much to see.

Framing a small boat with palm tree silhouettes.

There were striking and very large Hibuscus blooms growing in the gardens.

The Léman Lake taken in Montreux.

There have been many lovely outings in August and September.
This is just one of them.
There are so many photographs waiting to be shown!

I can't believe that it will be the first day of October tomorrow.
September has been beautiful and mostly warm with wonderful lighting.
Today it was 19C which is still very warm for the season.

Remember to click on each image to enlarge it to fill your screen!


  1. All I can say is WOW!
    Such stunning outside art is windowfull!!! What a glorious place to visit

    Thanks for sharing your trip xxx

    1. Definitely windowfull! So glad you enjoyed your visit, Sarn!

  2. The first photo is a beauty. I really like the clouds as if they were coming up from the mountain and the wings adds to the fun.

    I like that the sculptures seems to sort of create view ways to nature and its surrounding.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. The red wings were my favourite too and they frame those fluffy white clouds! They really did very original sculptures and lakeside frames this year.
      Thank you for your visit, lissa!

  3. The sculptures are fun to see. I also like the wings and the man on the tripod. And such a lovely hibiscus. Does it feel like autumn for you?

    1. Thank you Tammie, for your visit! I loved all these decorations so much that I went back a second time! I especially loved the wings! That particular day was very warm and we ate on a terrace outside! Now that October is here and the days are getting shorter and the evenings and early mornings much cooler, it is beginning to feel like autumn. The leaves are starting to fall and change colour as well!

  4. What beautiful sculptures you have captured, Sandra! People are just so creative, aren't they? I especially love the windows as everyone passing by would have a different view! We are having an extremely warm October here--more like early September weather really. Our heat hasn't even come on. Today is the first day in a week that has been rainy and cloudy which is giving me a chance to sit down at the computer and catch up on my favorite blogs :) Hope the rest of October is lovely for you! ♥

    1. Yes, they really excelled in their lakeside decorations this year. I loved them all! Our
      september has been excellent and even the b eginning of October, though the evenings and early mornings are decidely cooler! Our heating was turned on about a week ago!

  5. Wow, what a place...and such great art work. Love all them but the first two and the man on the tripod "sticks" out. Wonderful post and I really enjoyed watching and reading !

    1. So glad that you liked all the lakeside art, Lasse. Me too! The red wings were probably my favourite, but the bird has such character too!
      I've been very attracted to the lakeside recently and I have a new blog entry all prepared!