Emerging from the Summer's Heat


I did not plan to take a two-month break from my blog,
but the repeated heatwaves just sapped all my energy
and computer time was not my priority!

These lovely sunflowers are growing from a plant on my balcony.

One day, this charming white butterfly visited my lavender plant and stayed there
for a whole hour. I couldn't quite believe it!

The windflowers (or Japanese Anemone) always flower towards the end of the summer.
This one growing in my neighbourhood is particularly lovely.

The roses are still blooming, much to my delight!

There were many trips down to the lake
and this was taken in the town of Vevey

I like the bright red Impatiens flowers and the lovely shadows of the railings.

This is one of two statues made of bronze just beyond the railings.
A water-sprite riding a seahorse.

I love seeing cloud formations in the sky.
This one seemed to be promising rain which did come in the night, but not enough.
It's so dry everywhere.

Can you guess what this is?
Returning from one of my walks, I saw this reflection of the sky
in the back windscreen of a parked car.
I liked the surreal quality of the seemingly 'floating' windscreen wiper!

There has been a lot of crochet during the months of July and August
mostly smaller items and in cotton because of the heat.
This is a bunting I made to hang up.
It was really fun to make.

African Violet Granny Square
On August 15th, it was Granny Square Day.
This is one of the nine that I made.

This year, I discovered iced coffee
It made a delicious refreshing drink after lunch instead of a small, hot espresso!

The days are getting a little cooler now
and this week, our temperatures are around 25 - 26C
which is a great improvement from 33-36C that we had in the heat of the summer.
I had to take my walks very early in the mornings
and then I pulled down the blinds to stop the beating sun from overheating my apartment.
I had a ventilator (fan) in each room
and sometimes it was necessary to have it switched on at night to be able to sleep.
Now I am beginning to enjoy the cooler days and especially the cooler nights.

I have lots of photos from the summer and my favourites will find their way onto my blog.
I have a feeling that there may be weekly blog entries for quite a while.

Each dawn
is a new beginning
Every day
we can start anew
Tiny crescent moon
leant back and smiled
in hues of pink and blue.


  1. Hi, welcome back. Wonderful pictures again. Amazing the one with the wiper. You have a very good eye to see such scenes.
    Yes, it's getting cooler, also here in Germany, but much too dry. We need rain.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend.

    1. So lovely to see you, Gabi. Thank you for your welcome! It's nice to be back in blogland again. I'm glad it's getting cooler with you in Germany too. It's also much too dry here and the rain just isn't coming, yet!

  2. Well it’s lovely to see you again and to look at your super photo’s. I agree it’s lovely to be cooler, but it’s always great to see sunshine! Xxx

    1. Thank you, Sarn! It's lovely to be here again. The repeated heatwaves just got to me and a break in many of my activities just happened all on its own! We still have plenty of sunshine, but desperately need rain. I do appreciate the cool nights to be able to sleep properly again!

  3. Hi Sandra, glad you survived the heat! It’s been a brutal summer here in the desert southwest too. Love your photos as always, the sculpture is enchanting. Jane

    1. Hello Jane, so nice to have you visit! Yes, I survived the heat, but I've never experienced a summer as hot and as uncomfortable as this one. Yes, the statue/sculptue in the lake is very lovely.

  4. So glad to see your pictures again. I really enjoy seeing Switzerland through your eyes. My husband and I have spent so many lovely holidays there and have missed it the last couple of covid years. We hope to be back next year!

  5. What a beautiful post! I love your bunting. I may have to make some happy bunting myself.

    1. Thank you for visiting! Colourful bunting is really fun to make!

  6. So glad you are back, Sandra! I missed your lovely photos. These are all so beautiful as is your lovely crocheted bunting. My husband has been loving iced coffee this summer as well (I'm not a coffee or tea drinker!). It sure does smell good and I'm sure it is much nicer than a hot drink in the heat of summer. Autumn is definitely on the way in my part of the world. I'll truly miss summer, though. Hope you are enjoying your weekend ♥

    1. Thank you for your friendly welcome back here, Carol. I hadn't planned not to post here for so long, but the summer was so unbearably hot. Now it's definitely cooler, but remains warm for the season. I love autumn and I will not miss our over-heated summer at all! As you know, air-conditioning is very rare here. Unfortunately, it only adds to global warming and the greenhouse effect. So then it becomes a vicious circle. Lovely walks in the woods are planned for today!

  7. Ciao Sandra , it's nice to read you again and see your beautiful pictures and your crochet works. They are really very nice and you put always beautiful colours together. Yes the summer has been too hot, for too long.

    1. Hello Miriam! Yes, the summer was indeed far too hot and for much too long. I am happier now it is cooler! I did some crocheting in cotton during the hot months. Now I can make warmer things again for the cooler months of the year! Thank you for looking back in my blog to the first time I did a new entry after doing a two-month summer pause!