Flowery Interlude


This month of August seems to have gone by so quickly.
I've been doing wonderful little escapades with family and now I'm off again 
for a few days.
I have no time to organize my holiday photos, so I'm doing a flowery interlude 
of some of the beautiful flowers I encountered during this month of August.
There will be lots of dahlias, like this deep pink beauty above!

Pink and yellow look great together.

This one is almost fully opened.

This simple bloom with the marvellous centre was the darling of the bees!

Deep pink and luscious

Long, slim petals

Delicate shades of pink

Deep,  velvety red.

A collage to enjoy my favourites

Bees just love Zinnias

Now a selection from my morning and evening walks in my neighbourhood.
A pretty pink Anemone sometimes called Wind Flower.

A luminous Morning Glory and pink Bindweed climbing the fence.

A Red Admiral Butterfly enjoying a Zinnia.
I love the two little blue and black markings at the bottom of the wings
They make me think of eyes with white eyebrows!

A beautiful deep pink rose discovered on my walk yesterday.

Some gorgeous red roses that my son brought me when he visited with his wife.

Some Black-Eyed-Susan, or Rudbeckia
Growing in the grassy patch right near where I live.
Such sunny flowers.

A walk along the lake one day showed these beautiful hanging baskets of geraniums.

I have four strawberry plants growing on my balcony garden.
One day, I counted eighteen strawberries ripe at the same time.
I served them with fresh figs bought at the market and accompanied them
with triple thickness Gruyère cream.
The cream is not whipped, but a teaspoon holds upright in the delicious richness and thickness!

On this tasty note, I wish you happy days until next time!


  1. Mmm that was a delicious note to leave on!!!! Gorgeous floral photo’s.
    Hope you enjoy your next trip out.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Thank you, Sarn! I'm looking forward to my little escapade and seeing new horizons for a few days!

  2. Oooh yummy. The strawberries look delicious!
    Wonderful flowers. I wish I have a "green thumb" to plant such beauties.
    Have a great time.

    1. Thank you, Gabi. The strawberries were delciious and now I have new ones ripening and soon ready to eat again! All these beautiful dahlias are growing along the lakeside in the town of Morges, not at all far from Lausanne.

  3. These are lovely and colorful. I like how flowers have layers upon layers of petals. I like the name wind flower - sounds so whimiscal.

    I love strawberries- haven't eaten them in a long while. I like them when they are made into jams.

    Thank you for these lovely views. Have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you, lissa. Yes, I love the generosity of all those layers of dahlia petals too. I agree with you concerning the name of wind flower for the end of the summer Anemone.

      Strawberries are delicious when they're really ripe and tender and so much nicer when they're homegrown!

  4. Such pretty colors! I especially like the long slim-petaled one! Those strawberries do look delicious!

    1. Thank you, Cathy. I love all dahlias at the end of the summer. Their colours and shapes and sheer presence are wonderful! The strawberries were very tasty and juicy!

  5. So many beautiful flowers! You truly honored their beauty.
    And to have home grown strawberries, that is wonderful. I have never heard of that cream. European cheeses are so good.

  6. Thank you, Tammie. This is the perfect time of the year for beautiful dahlias. I am really happy to have my strawberry plants and they just keep giving!

  7. Your flower photography is as special as the flowers themselves, Sandra--simply lovely! My flowers this year were getting eaten by Japanese beetles and have lots of holes in the leaves. Still pretty, but far from perfect. And how wonderful to have strawberries growing on your balcony. Sounds like you are harvesting a perfect number for one :) Hope your September is off to a nice start ♥

  8. Oh thank you, Carol. Everything has been so busy in August with seeing my family at long last and then two little escapades away from home! I must catch up visiting the blogs I usually visit with pleasure and also see to all the photos I have been taking!
    I love September, it's less hot and has beautiful lighting!

  9. What a nice post, Sandra! You are a very good photographer and the flowers are so... particular. Unfortunately we can’t taste your strawberries with the cream!

    1. Thank you very much, Miriam! Dahlias are very special flowers! I wish you could taste my strawberries and cream! I have enough ripe ones to pick for a bowlful again. They are so delicious!

  10. Wow, I can't pick a favorite among so many beautiful photos. The strawberries are lovely too.

    I hope you're doing well and keeping healthy.

    1. So lovely to see you, Sue. I love Dahlia time every year!
      The strawberries are lovely and there are still some ripe ones to be eaten, thanks to September susnhsine!

      I am doing well, thank you! :)