October Outings

October can be such a beautiful month and we have had many sunny days.
I like to take the metro down to the lakeside in Ouchy and enjoy watery scenes.

Sparkles on the lake

I liked all those chimneys and the mosaic decorations on the side of the roof.

One day, I took the train to the small lakeside town of Rolle.
I met a friend who lives in a nearby village.
This is the 13th century Rolle Castle.
It was a windy day and the lake was full of white tips to the waves.
The slopes behind the castle are covered in vineyards.

We walked all along the lake front and had lunch in a lakeside café.
The group of trees are growing on an artificial island on the water.
The island is called l'île de la Harpe, located on the territory of the municipality of Rolle,
in the canton of Vaud.
It was built in 1837 and was named after the political leader Fédéric-César de la Harpe
after his death in 1838.

Walking back to the castle  after lunch.

There were posters of creative photography all along the lake.
This one was my favourite and is the île de la Harpe in the winter months
when the trees have lost their leaves.

The town hall or meeting place (maison de commune) in the village of Tartegnin.
I like the clock tower and the profusion of geraniums.

Horse Chestnuts were falling from the trees in the lakeside parking
and we couldn't resist picking up lots up to bring home and enjoy their shiny rich colour!

My daughter and I went to a spa for two days, staying one night.
It's called Les Bains de Lavey
and the hotel is set in a beautiful park.
This is one of the lovely views.

The Chestnut Tree leaves were showing their autumn colours.

Tree shadows and fallen leaves

Walking through the shade of the trees

In-between our water activities, it was lovely to walk in the park.
There are several metal sculptures, like this one, which reflect the surroundings.

Mountains that surround the spa.

We certainly had a lovely time there, including a massage and watching a
lights show from the main pool at night.
There were illuminated dancers, acrobats and projections with clever lighting effects
on the trees surrounding the different pools.
There are relaxing rooms with colour therapy and sounds of nature.
I enjoyed the outside jacuzzi and the hammam
and generally bobbing about in the thermal waters!
You can see a link to this thermal centre HERE

So October, so far, has not been without outings.
As long as this beautiful weather lasts, there will be more!

Regular walks in my neighbourhood are still showing late blooming flowers
like these lovely deep pink anemone or wind flowers.

A late afternoon walk showed me some beautiful autumn leaves
illuminated by the sinking sun.
They remind me of a stained-glass window.

A wild rose and rose hips
Shiny red berries and Black-eyed Susan.

Now the cooler days are here, I feel like doing some crochet work again.
It's always fun to create colour combinations
and one of the dahlias from my balcony garden inspired this little mat.

I hope that you are all enjoying sunshine and lovely autumn days.
Our temperatures vary between 15-18C.
The rains will come and grey days too, but in the meantime let's enjoy the now!


  1. Wonderful pictures. You really have an eye for the scene. I like the 2nd picture, where the light plays with the water.
    Best wishes

    1. So lovely to have you visit, Gabi. I love those sparkles on the water too!

  2. Your little crocheted mat is so pretty in those soft colors, Sandra! I haven't been stitching as much this summer or fall, but I'm hoping the colder weather will inspire me to get back to it!

    Loved seeing your nature photos, all so beautiful. But, you know what photo made me smile the most? The bowl of horse chestnuts. Oh, my, did that bring back childhood memories of all the chestnuts we had falling from the trees on our street. All of the neighborhood kids would gather for horse chestnut "wars" (boy, did they sting!) and I can still recall their smell. Thank you for bringing back such a nice memory for me ♥

    1. Hello Carol. I'm so glad that horse chestnuts (that we used to call conkers) brought back lovely childhood memories for you. They did for me too!

      I've only just started crocheting again now with the cooler weather. At the moment, I'm making a small round table-topper in autumn colours!

  3. I like the sparkles on the lake shot - whenever I see such view, it always make me think it's summer.

    The wind flowers are lovely. So is your crochet work. That color combinations is beautiful. I like pale colors combinations.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. I agree that the sparkles on the lake do feel summery!

      The late blooming flowers in October are always such a pleasure to see.

      I like using pastel colours for my crochet work, but sometimes also fresh and bright colours! It depends what I'm making and the mood I'm in!

  4. A lovely autumnal post full of wonderful photos. I love the first photo with the reflections. Fab town hall too - very pretty.

    Thanks for all the lovely comments you’ve been leaving me.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

    1. Love your new 'S' for Sarn trademark!
      Glad you enjoyed the autumnal mood of these photos!
      It's always lovely to see you!

  5. I love the typical architectural shape of the 13th century. This , add to a stroll along the lake made me do a relaxing leap into the past. Thank you Sandra. And thank you for when you show the pictures of your granny crochet.
    Have a nice week,

    1. Thank you, Miriam for your kind comments! So glad you enjoyed your stroll along the lake.
      I've just started crocheting again now that the heat of the summer has gone. autumn is the perfect time for trying out new patterns!

      I hope your week is going well for you too!

  6. I love the pictures of the fall!

    1. So nice to have you visit, Julien! Glad you liked the first signs of autumn/fall!

  7. Autumn is looking lovely in your area! As always, I'm inspired by all of nature's beauty! I know you've missed your crocheting during the hot months and were glad to begin some new projects. You little mat has such pleasing colors!

    1. So lovely to see you, Cathy! Yes, the leaves are looking very beautiful now and many of them are already dropping to the ground.
      Glad you like the little crochet mat. I've just finished a mandala table topper in autumn colours.

  8. A lovely autumnal post full of wonderful photos. You have an eye for beautiful scenery ! That town hall is very beautiful, and you live in an area with great surroundings !
    All the best,

    1. Thanks so much, Lasse. It's such a beautiful time of the year and the perfect time to go on little outings and enjoy the area in which I live.

  9. I hoped to find a new post in this damp and overcast Monday, here in my area in the south of Italy. A new post with pictures of places visited by you, crochet colours , readings...but above all, I hope that is all good up there with you.
    Have a nice week,

    1. Hello Miriam, I'm preparing a new blog entry today which I'll put up as soon as it's ready, like this evening or at the latest tomorrow morning! They'll be all of what you mention above: an overnight stay in the vineyards and some new crochet! Keep smiling!