Flowery Interlude


The flowers everywhere have been stunning
and I wanted to remember some of the beauties I have encountered
on my walks and outings.
This orange dahlia was growing along the lake.

I came across this huge bloom on one of my early morning walks in the neighbourhood.

Such a dark red with petals like velvet

A fresh white Cosmos blowing in the breeze.

Big and beautiful Rudbeckia and tiny Signet Marigolds.

Bright yellow Zinnia

A Dahlia starting to unfold its central petals

Another Dahlia in the morning sun with a profusion of generous petals

Some fresh green maple leaves looking very springlike before autumn
brings in shades of orange and red.

Curvy petals and the perfumed beauty of a rose growing not far away from home.

White Zinnia, Rudbeckia, yellow Zinnia and ornamental leaves down by the lake.
The colour harmonies in the flower beds along the lake in Lausanne-Ouchy
were fresh and luminous is shades of yellow with touches of white.

They looked rather pale and uninteresting at the beginning of the season,
but then they exploded into a very joyful looking sight
and it was a pleasure to see them as I walked along the lake.

Closer to home, on my early morning or evening walks, I love to see the Japanese
Anemone blooming in the late summer.

The buds are so pretty too.

A sure sign of autumn are the Golden Rod which start blooming in August
and continue into September. 
The bees just love them.

Dahlias come in the most beautiful colour combinations

I do like the white tips of the petals on this one.

I saved this one for my last photo today.
I do love the curly central petals, the tightly folded centre and that little bee.

Without going abroad or on a longer holiday this year,
I've chosen to remain in Switzerland because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
This has encouraged me to make interesting and beautiful little escapades not far from home.

Next time, I'll be showing my September getaway in the vineyards
in the beautiful Lavaux area, not far from Lausanne at all.


  1. Such wonderful shoots of the flowers!Great to see !Here we have autumm now

    Greetings Anita

    1. Thank you, Anita, for visiting me here and for leaving your kind comment! Autumn is not far away, but we have a return of the heat and sunny days right now

  2. What a bright and cheerful post today, Sandra! All of the flowers are gorgeous--especially love the dahlias. We grew some a few years back, but ours were quite misshapen and missing petals. It was so hot and dry here all summer that no one's flowers look very nice so I enjoyed seeing yours. I'll look forward to seeing your travel photos in the Lavaux area :) In the meantime, enjoy the waning days of summer. ♥

    1. Thank you, Carol. I wanted to remember all the beautiful flowers that I've seen and photographed this summer. I'll also be doing a posting on my own flowers growing on my balcony. Something joyful and colourful to remember too!

      I tried growing some dahlias this year too and they started off very well and then the flowers just got smaller and smaller. I think they felt too snug in the big pot I had planted them in!

  3. Absolutely stunning flower show. Loved viewing them.

    I've a white dahlia blooming in my garden currently, alongside some salvias, red geraniums and sprawling multicoloured nasturtiums. Xxxx

    1. The flowers seem particularly beautiful everywhere this year! Glad you enjoyed them. Your garden sounds lovely and colourful. I love sprawling nasturtiums, but mine always seem to pick up horrid blackfly on my balcony.

  4. Wonderful shots (macro) of the beautiful flowers. Makes me remember and smell the summer days. We have reached autumn but we still have some flowers left. All the best/Lasse

  5. Thank you, Lasse! I like to put as much of beautiful nature as I can during the warmer months of the year, that way, we get to look at it all again during the cold months to remind us that spring will return!

  6. Sometimes staying near home, helps us see the beauty of where we are. Travel isn't always necessary. You found such beautiful flowers in so many colors. I'm with you, my favorite is the last one.

    1. Thanks, Cathy. So many of these lovely blooms were seen along the lake or in and around my neighbourhood. Flowers have been my big consolation during this strange year!

  7. These are beautiful shots. I love seeing colorful flowers closeup. Nature is always great at creating beauty.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. Thanks, lissa. Flowers are so beautiful that close-up shots show us their lovely details. Yes, Nature gives us lots of gifts and soon most plants will be entering a state of hibernation for the winter period. I shall miss the flowers, but spring will return and rejoice us all again!

  8. Oh Sandra, every time I visit your blog I get to reminisce about the times we spent our holiday in Switzerland. My husband told me where you live is one of the most beautiful part of Switzerland. It's amazing you know the names to all those beautiful florals God has given us as gifts! Looking forward to seeing more escapades.

    1. So lovely to have you visit! I have to admit that this is indeed a very beautiful part of Switzerland, but there are many other beautiful areas too.

      I need to do a new blog entry on our visit and stay in the vineyards. I hope you will come back and see all the gorgeous views!

  9. Sandra, your photography is absolutely stunning. If I were you I believe I would blow up a couple of those to hang on the wall and enjoy when the snow falls. The hard part of that would be choosing with ones to enlarge. I have several favorites so picking a couple I guess would have to be the ones that spoke to your heart the most.
    God bless you dear friend and thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us.
    Connie :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments, Connie! Yes, I should have a couple of photos printed. I can't believe that I have never done it so far! I'm getting ready for a new blog post at last. I take so many photos that it's often difficult which ones to choose!

  10. Oh, this post was right up my alley! I'm sure you can guess why. ;) So many beautiful flowers, and thank you for identifying them all!

    I hope you're having a safe and healthy October.

    1. So nice to see you, Sue. I'm glad you enjoyed all these flowers! Your comment came through perfectly the first time. When you clicked on 'publish' it disappeared as I had to resort to comment moderation because a fair number of rubbish advertisements and SPAM had started to come in.
      Coronavirus numbers are going up everywhere, so we all need to be more vigilent, but I am well and have plenty of interesting occupations despite an early onset of winter!