30 Days of Composition: 1-15

Day 1: Viewpoint

Sometimes a different point of view allows us to notice details
 that take on another dimension or importance. 
This is the back view of the biggest steam boat on Lake Léman in Ouchy.
I love how huge the Swiss flag looks and how the water is starting to churn up
 and the steam rises as the boat leaves the port.

Day 2: Framing

I had to find a way of interpreting this inside as the weather was windy and rainy.
Luckily, I had a little box with a shiny base which allowed my Dahlia bloom
to be framed three times.

Day 3: Negative Space

I love using this kind of composition which allows us to really notice the subject
without any distracting clutter.
This is a young lavender stalk from one of my lavender plants
 which is blooming for a second time this summer.

Day 4: Diagonals

They bring a really dynamic element into the frame and seem to shout:
"Look at me!"
I love diagonals in architecture.

Day 5: Rule of thirds

It's about keeping our main subjects in the upper or lower right
or upper or lower left of our frame.
This creates visual harmony.

Day 6: Leading lines

These really pull us forward into the image to notice the elements where the lines
converge. In this case it's the Lausanne Cathedral on the other side of the bridge.

More Leading Lines.

I wanted to add this sideways capture of an escalator just because I like the abstract
dimension and the way our eyes are also pulled into the lines in a rather fascinating way!

Day 7: Symmetry

This one rather speaks for itself.
 I like the early morning lighting which created the soft blue colour.

Day 8: Filling the frame

This is a beautiful way of coming in really close to our subject so that we can appreciate 
each small detail, like the curly petals and stamens of this yellow Dahlia.

Filling the frame with a beautiful Gaillardia bloom

Day 9: Odd numbers

This is a house in my neighbourhood covered in Virginia Creeper.
We can just see the three windows on the top floor.

Day 10: Balance

I enjoyed creating a still life image of cherry tomatoes and using the rule of thirds.
The main subject is the two tomatoes in the foreground, balanced by the glass dish
of tomatoes,
 purposely out of focus so it doesn't enter into competition with the main subject
in the foreground.

Day 11: Abstract patterns

I enjoy noticing abstracts and patterns in the world around me.
I went downtown to capture the glass walls of a modern building
and took the photo on the diagonal because it seemed more interesting that way.

Day 12: No foreground

This prompt felt a little awkward to me because I do love foregrounds
with soft backgrounds.
I photographed an angel decoration with a crystal butterfly.
I thought that it would be rather flat and boring on its own, so I added a corner of
my decorative mirror.
It's true that three things within this frame makes it more interesting.

Day 13: Circular

I had to think about this one - and imagined that taking one of my camera lenses
and holding it in front of the Begonias on my balcony
would make a fun and interesting shot!

Day 14: Form or Shape

I love the harmonious rounded shape of the weather vane down by the lake.
This shape is echoed in the granite rock on the left.
We can also see the soft shapes of the mountains in the background
and the shapes of the rocks which are part of the port.

Day 15: Texture

This is the trunk of a Plane Tree and I do enjoy how the bark of these trees peels off showing
different textures and colours.
This looks like a bark butterfly.

Texture: a larger part of the Plane Tree trunk.

I have really been inspired to create images which express the daily prompts in the best way possible.
Next time, I will post the next fifteen interpretations of the daily prompts.

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I have enjoyed creating them!


  1. Awesome! Some of the pictures are breathtakingly beautiful and so full of atmosphere! Great challenge!

    1. Many thanks, Marie-Lucienne. It was so inspiring to take on these challenges and I enjoyed it very much!

  2. Amazing photography using the daily prompts. Great thinking outside the box on a few of the prompts too. Congrats. I look forward to seeing the rest of the month's prompt pictures.

    1. Thanks, Sarn. It was really fun to get out and about to imagine how I could create the photo to best represent the prompt of the day!

  3. Wow! Your interpretation of each prompt is so incredibly expressive. I love the sideways escalator and the texture of the Plane Tree bark. But my favorite is the circular view of your Begonias through a camera lens—truly inspiring!

    1. I'm so glad you've enjoyed all these different interpretations to express each prompt with an image! Thank you, Susan!

  4. These are all fantastic! I can see that you put a lot of thought in how in intrepret the prompts!

    1. Thank you, Cathy. I really enjoyed those 30 days of composition. It really made me seek out new ways of seeing things!

  5. These are wonderful. I especially like the book/pages heart one though I see more of a face there & the closelup of the flowers.

    Have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you, Lissa. Yes, I love the way the book capture turned out. It was a rather lovely lighting too against the early morning window! Thank you for your visit!

  6. You have a wonderful and interesting collection of photos here.
    If I were to choose a favorite it is the tomatoes, i had an emotional response to it.

    1. Thank you, Tammie! I can understand why you would like the little cherry tomatoes. I like the simplicity of it too!

  7. I'm very much an amateur photographer with nothing more than my iPhone, but I truly appreciate all of your lovely photos, Sandra! I enjoyed each of your explanations and photos for day 1-15. I think my favorites are the book (of course--being a librarian!), the lens photo of the begonias, and the texture on the Plane tree! Looking forward to seeing days 16-30!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments, Carol. I've enjoyed creating these photos to represent the 30 prompts. I've had a little trouble uploading the photos for the second part of the exercise and wasn't able to add the last photo for Day 30, but I'll try again tomorrow. Blogger must limit the number and size of the photos I put in any one posting!