The Cotswolds, England 2019

The heat this summer has discouraged me from doing frequent blog entries,
but now it's time to talk about my holiday in England.
I hadn't been back for three years and I was beginning to miss the unique atmosphere
of my home country!

The first part of my trip took me to the beautiful Cotswolds.
This is the area where my dad grew up with his parents and sister.
It is well-known for its rolling green hills and hedgerows
and houses and walls built in the beautiful honey-coloured Cotswold Stone.

I do love coloured front doors and was immediately attracted to this blue one in the photo above. 

Five-bar gates is another favourite
They're so welcoming as we look beyond them into gardens or fields.

I can't visit the Cotswolds without going to the village (though I believe they like
to call it a town these days) of Charlbury.
This is where my dad lived with his family and where he and his parents are buried.
I always take some flowers when I visit them.

Here is the familiar entrance to the lovely cemetery.
You can see a typical dry stone wall too.

Such a peaceful resting place with a view over green hills and grazing animals.

I think that I take a picture of this red postbox, set in the wall, every time I visit!
Behind the wall is the most beautiful garden in the village.

Full of roses and clematis and lavender and many other flowers.

The bees were very happy in this garden too.
The scent of the lavender was wonderful.
I even met the lady who lives here and complimented her on her wonderful garden!
She told me that she and her husband had retired here after working in London.

There are beautiful clematis in different colours against many of the houses.
This one is my favourite.

This one is my favourite.

We stayed in the small market town of Moreton-in-Marsh in the Evenlode Valley,
within the Cotswolds area in Gloucestershire.
The railway station on the Cotswold Line allows us to travel directly to London.
The journey takes about one hour and thirty minutes.

These colourful poppies were growing in the town.

We couldn't get to our favourite privately owned gardens opened to the public,
but you can see their beauty here:

I had got to know a fellow lady photographer through a photo site.
We decided to meet up in England where they live, not far from where we were staying.
Look at the fabulous view they have from their home!

The weather-vane on their garage

The view from the living-room
What a dream place to live!

There are a few neighbouring houses, but they are not too close.
You do however need a car to get anywhere for anything you may need.
No village shops within walking distance,
but perfect for daily walks in an idyllic setting!

We visited a church in the nearby town of Northleach

I did like the plain glass windows with a stained glass effect from the trees
and greenery outside.

I did like the decorated cushions, handmade using tapestry stitches. 
Each one in a different design.

Here is the entrance to the Gothic style church of Northleach.

Northleach is a market town in the valley of the River Leach
also in Gloucestershire.

Hollyhocks and Cotswold stonework
is what I love the most when I go to England.

If you would like to see more of Hollyhocks and Honey Coloured Houses,
you can read about a former visit by clicking on the title above.

Next time, I'll take you to London, for that was the second part of my holiday!

I hope that you are having a beautiful summer!


  1. Aaah, how lovely. I spent quite some time in Sandwich (Kent) the twin town of the town I was born in and your pictures remind me of the time there, the atmosphere, the way of living. It seems a little out of the world, a dream, a fairy tale. I always found it hard to wake up in reality (Belgium) again after a few wonderful weeks staying at a friend's...

    1. I certainly had a really lovely time in my home country. The weather was perfect around 22-24C and I missed that first terrible heatwave over here!
      Kent is very beautiful and I've heard it called "The Garden of England"!

  2. Your beautiful photos are like a breath of fresh air this morning, Sandra! I don’t think I can pick a favorite. I love all the same things you’ve highlighted here—the colored front doors, the lush gardens, the dappled shade, the enticing gates, the old churches. Imagine how long it took to create all those cushions. Your friend has a lovely home. Even the garage is full of charm.

    Did you grow up in the Cotswolds as your ancestors did?

    We may be getting a bit of break in our hot summer in another week. It’s supposed to go down to the low 80s F (27-ish C), but last night we had a rare-for-August 59 F (15 C)—wonderful for sleeping!

    1. So glad you enjoyed this little walk through the Cotswolds with me, Susan. We didn't get to our favourite gardens, that's why I gave a link above under the title: "An English Country Garden."

      No, I didn't grow up in the Cotswolds, but we often visited. We lived in Oxfordshire which isn't far away.

      So glad that you may be getting a break from your hot weather soon! After our last July heatwave, we're experiencing temperatures around 25C (77F) which is very much better!

  3. Beautiful and quintessentially English photo's Sandra. Lovely. Glad you had such good weather for your stay.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. Thanks, Sarn. We had a marvellous time, also in London! The weather was gloriously just right and I left a dreaded heatwave behind me too! How clever is that?!
    I hope your weekend will be lovely too.

  5. The lush English countryside is beautiful! Gorgeous poppies too.

    1. There's nothing quite like the fresh green of the English countryside, is there? Thank you, Fi!

  6. Beautiful flowers and countryside! I'm so glad you were able to meet up with another photographer. Her home is lovely with such gorgeous views. I'll look forward to reading about the next stage of your journey.

    1. Yes, it was so lovely to spend some time in the countryside and also meet up with a photographer friend (met on Blipfoto)!
      I'll be posting photos from my stay in London in a few days!

  7. What beautiful photos of the England. I haven't been in 20 years and really need to make a visit.

    1. Many thanks. I do love going back to England to visit and it has already been three years since I went!

  8. What a wonderful holidays time in your home country, Sandra! I know that atmosphere very quite well, that slow way of living, the awesome splashs of colors and smells in each garden, the soft and green hills of the English countryside! My husband's family comes from something further south. His aunt Marita and her husband live near Barnstaple, where we usually spend some summer days. The views from their living room are very similar: I perfectly recognize that atmosphere: the smell of the garden flowers and the green hills getting lost on the horizon. Unfortunately this summer it will not be possible for us to visit them, although they were spending a few days here last Christmas. My soul has flown there as I saw your stunning pictures. Waiting for the second part of your holiday! Have a great new week ahead! 💕 🍃🌸🍃

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment! How lovely that you get to visit lovely parts of England to visit your husband's family. I love going back to England to visit the country I grew up in! I plan on posting a new entry of the second part of my holiday in England today or tomorrow!

  9. I so enjoyed your photos of the Cotswolds, Sandra! I've always heard that is among the prettiest places in England and your beautiful photography certainly confirms that! I would so love to spend a month visiting all parts of England some day :) How long have you been living out of the country--do you miss it?

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed visiting this beautiful part of England through some of my photos here. It really is worth a visit and renting a car to visit all the lovely areas and visit stunning gardens! I've been living away from England since my early twenties! Yes, I do miss many aspects of life in my home country! The beauty of the green countryside and the friendliness of the people.

      I have got to love the beautiful mountains and the lakes in Switzerland though. The Swiss people are very much more reserved than the English.

  10. Sandra, it is wonderful being able to share your holiday through your lovely photos. I was especially impress with the photo of the weather vane and the fact that, that rose was growing all the way up onto the roof of their garage. How absolute splendid is that :)

    1. Thank you, Connie! I agree that the weather vane of cow and calf is beautiful and the roses were incredibly beautiful and growing so tall.
      I love England for its greenery and hedgerows and beautiful gardens. I gave a link to one that I was unable to visit this year.

  11. What an absorbing and beautiful post, Sandra! So many of the photos made me catch my breath. The pink roses, the clematis, the weather vane, the church door, the church building.... Thank you for taking us on this lovely trip!

    1. So lovely to have you visit, Sue! It was lovely to visit my home country again. I'm glad you enjoyed coming along!