Scintillating Sparkles

For the past few weeks
all my spare time has been spent
doing the crafts I love.

My occupations have been full of tiny details
and precision which I really enjoy

but suddenly
I needed a fresh way of seeing -  and the candlelight
and electric light plunged me into a world of sparkles and abstracts!

So I got out my macro lens and had enormous fun playing
with my focus to capture the abstract quality of well-known objects.
These sparkling threads, used for adding a festive touch
to crocheted creations, brought me into a world of scintillating wonder!
This has to be my favourite capture because we just recognize
 what we are seeing
 yet the abstract quality is there too.

And on these mostly grey November days
my world became alive again!

Gold and silver, red and blue

My basket of happiness!

I feel depth and vibrancy and swirling movements.
Don't they make you want to dance?


  1. A wonderful basket of sparkles! Lovely shots.

  2. I love the word "scintillating!" It's just such a festive word! The first image with all the golden bokeh is breathtaking! I can see some of that beautiful sparkling thread created into ornaments for your tree! Love this post!

  3. Really pretty Sandra! So festive and special! Your macro lens was perfect!
    Kate :}

  4. Thank you for this breathtaking basket of alluring aliveness! ;-) Can you tell I adore alliteration?

  5. I just adore your sparkly basket of happiness! Your wonderful post and images have put me in the spirit!

  6. It is indeed a basket of happiness. Lovely xxx

  7. Truly bokeh-licious!!!! Love the sparkly gorgeousness of these images, Sandra! What a great idea to look within your crochet workbasket for macro subject matter. Beauty abounds and we just need the imagination to see/find it!!!

  8. Just what is needed as the days darken - sparkle and inspiration :)

  9. Basket of Happiness.
    I love that, Sandra.

  10. It's great to see ordinary things turn out to look extraordinary with a good shot.

  11. I love your post Sandra :-) Wonderful pics and words, and the pics became more and more focused as the post went on. I think that was meant to be. And the dance begins right at the end, May I ?

    1. What fun! Let me put my ballgown on first ... I like the way it swirls in a waltz!

  12. they are so lovely
    as are the photos you took of your sparkly threads
    some day you might show us what you made with them ;-)

  13. A happy post filled with so much light..and love for your crocheting and all the colors and sparkles!

  14. Beautiful images Sandra, you have a unique eye:)

  15. The tiny details and precision would drive me wild, Sandra. But, I love seeing what you create. That tiny snowflake is so delicate. I love the play of the light in your photos. The sparkling yarn invites a celebration. Are you back home?