As November Moves Forward

As the days get shorter
we feel the change all around us
Yesterday, I prepared my window-boxes for winter
and picked the last geraniums.

There are plenty of exciting new projects to prepare
and the colour red comes to mind
with a hint of green and lots of white.

A warm drink with garden herbs
and warm colours that delight the senses.
Table decorations to prepare
gifts for others, festive hangings...
and with these long, long evenings,

an orange candle at the end of the day!

It may rain outside under skies of grey, but a snug atmosphere inside
candlelight and music
a good book
or some yarn and hook for nimble fingers
it all feels just perfect!

What do you like doing in November?


  1. It looks and sounds so cozy, Sandra. I love your herbal tea setting with the warm colors, so pretty! You do have nimble fingers, making such lovely little gifts for the holidays. We've had a very warm and dry autumn, so I have been enjoying my walks. Hoping for some much needed rain. Stay warm!

  2. Lovely, I like every season for it's special moments.
    Color and light goes hand in hand.
    Have a nice evening

  3. Your words describe perfectly the transition into winter's long days….handwork, hot drink, candle light along with a good book or two….sounds like wonderful days to me….

  4. Your last geranium is lovely, as is your handwork. I love the start ornament; so festive! We've had an early cold spell for Arkansas, so I've been either reading or cross stitching Christmas ornaments. I do one for each of my children and my grandsons each year. Stay warm!

  5. Wonderful. Everything is Lovely,


  6. Oh, I love that pink tea cup.

  7. So festive! All the crochet work is lovely! I just started on some crocheted snowflakes!
    Kate :}

  8. I long for some sunshine around here, it has been a while.

  9. We have been out in the yard, raking leaves and cleaning out flower beds, covering some plants with more mulch to hope they survive the winter. Indoors my winter cactus is blooming, always early when it is supposed to bloom for Christmas season. November is normally a good month for me , cooler weather which I love, the different way the sun shines and all the colors of the leaves!

  10. What a delightful teapot you have! With only two days of sunshine in November so far, it's hard to find any colour at all outdoors.

  11. What a wonderfully peaceful post, Sandra.
    My favorite thing about November is getting ready for the coming holidays.
    Lots and lots to do, but oh so much fun!

  12. lovely ways to honor the season of shorter days
    tucking in your plant boxes
    making lovelies
    sipping tea
    and candle light
    simple pleasures
    bringing magic into the mundane

  13. Sandra ~ your crochet creations are lovely! Isn't it fun to be able to explore color and form in a number of mediums?! Your post speaks beautifully to this season of change and the holidays ahead. Take care friend!

  14. Sandra, looking at your bright colors brings a smile to my face. I light the candles in the evening, too. I like those little star hangings. Glad you're snug against the cold. More snow due tonight. My world is wintry white.

  15. I love candles in the evening and snuggling in my favourite chair during November. It's usually my planning month for Christmas. I love your little teapot xx

  16. I feel that sense of nesting and preparation in your lovely images.

  17. Wonderful warmth in these photos, Sandra. Although November signifies the start of the holiday season here, it also brings the quiet, cozy hibernation period for me. Time for hot tea, knitting, baking and curling up by the fire with a good book!