The Rusty Fence

If I could put just one word on each of my photos
it would describe how I feel when I first look at the image.
Kim talks about doing this in her latest blog posting

Flamboyant evokes movement and flames and red and orange and yellow.
For me, it's the essence of autumn's colours and moods
and makes me think of log fires burning in the hearth!

The crossroads of the seasons
as beautiful autumn goes out on a flurry of colourful leaves
and allows winter to settle in.

We are often confronted with crossroads in our lives
where decisions are necessary and choices made
changing our direction on this unknown journey of life.

The rusty fence is in my neighbourhood and I find it the perfect base
for autumn shots when the wind blows the leaves against the wire meshing
and creates rusty fence art which often changes every day!

Being entangled in a situation can  be a reality in life.

But when we surrender and let go
life can flow again

Accepting what is before us
and not making it our enemy allows us to move on

and we feel oneness with our surroundings once again
all feelings of separation disappear.

Isn't serenity a wonderful feeling?
This oak leaf seems so serene as it sits within the rusty fence
as if it wants to be in no other place at all.
It's just content to be where it is.

Looking up and beyond the fence,
I'm enthralled by the sunlight filtering through the branches of this tree.
The word which comes to mind is 'enchanting'
as I enjoyed the movements of the leaves and saw their ever-changing patterns.

Looking down
I can see how the sunlight is creating a feeling of aliveness
in the fallen leaves.
I can feel the joy in these happy, vibrant colours
Can you?


  1. just beautiful!
    It reminds me of the end of autumn of the UK; I also remembered finding fallen leaves covered with frost and shining like crystals! They were so beautiful.

  2. I love how you've created a story of life with your gorgeous fall images and words. So inspiring.

  3. Wonderful post Sandra! I have a love for fallen leaves that are stuck in unusual places...and your words are right on target! I will be working on my one word photos this weekend!

  4. What a perfect autumnal post, you've totally captured the essence of the season. And such beautiful images as always Sandra :)

  5. What a beautiful series of images this is, Sandra, and such a perfect subject.

  6. I put your words together and they made a very special poem about life. The leaves caught in the wire create an interesting metaphor of life, too. As you say, "surrender and let go" so life can flow again. Love the leaves and the muted backgrounds, Sandra.

  7. This is such a gorgeous post and such a great story. wonderful!

  8. Lovely Sandra! I love the idea of putting one word to a photo! And I love how each of your photos had one word, but all together they told a story!
    Kate :}

  9. Wonderful! Your leaf series is perfect and I love the words you've chosen! I am intrigued by Kim's post on "one word photos" but I haven't tried it yet. I don't know if i'd be very good at choosing the words. I have enough trouble just coming up with a title for my posts!

  10. I love the way you've captured the lovely leaves of autumn.

  11. Beautiful captures Sandra. I love the way you have described each shot. xx

  12. Such lovely fence photos, Sandra. Your interpretations give these images a special meaning. Serene is my favorite.

  13. What a fun exercise - one word & a pic, Sandra! The fence and autumn leaves proved the perfect canvas :) Happy autumn to you!

  14. Thank you for using your gifts of photography and words to bring us a post of reflection and inspiration. It really spoke to me on many different levels.

  15. your words....
    both the single words
    and the words in between
    have touched my heart and inspired me today
    i love how the rusty fence's life is continually changing
    it has a life of it's own, that maybe most do not note
    i love that you have

  16. How beautiful, each and every photo and your interpretations. I love the idea of a one word photo...I just may try it.