The Child Within

Years later, they would remember this moment,

The two children sat on a rock near the lake's edge
 looking through the curtain of overhanging branches of a weeping willow.

The sparkles on the water in the late afternoon sun held their gaze.
The little boy and his big sister had been playing
and now they sat quietly together without speaking,
seeming content to observe and take in their surroundings.

The children's grandmother was sitting a little further away, 
keeping a watchful eye.

When I see scenes like this, I enter into the world of childhood again
and see life through a child's eyes, remembering the feeling
 and how each day was a new adventure to be embraced with enthusiasm.

I believe that within each  and every one of us,
there is a small child ready to be amazed by each tiny detail of life.

We all hold within us the capacity to live fully in the moment, 
where time stands still and thought-forms pass like fluffy clouds in the sky
and dissolve into nothingness.

Nothingness is sometimes the perfect state to be in.
What do you think?


  1. Marvelous shot , wonderful pondering .
    I love when I can get totally lost in fulfilling moments and be right there in them.

  2. Wow, this is really beautiful Sandra! I love the colors, with the little bits of green grass showing here and there... The child within me sees this as a picture from a magical fairy tale! And I agree, I absolutely love those moments of timeless awareness!
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    Kate :}

  3. Fantastic, I lack the words to describe in English. We invented the Secret Forrest close to where we lived earlier, there the kids an I, went exploring. They were 4 and 5 at that time and we discovered a world in this little forrest. Love the photos we made there.
    Thank you for making me remember.

  4. So lovely, the photos and the words! Weeping willow trees are my favorite tree and this one is gorgeous! The children look like they're in a secret world beneath the tree. I would love to be there sitting beside them and in "nothingness."

  5. Lovely silhouettes that speak volumes, Sandra. And, yes, nothingness is a perfect state in which to conduct one's life.

  6. I remember those moments of childhood, and as I get older, I can access them them once again. I like both the silhouette and the story you've shared, Sandra. Deep within, we are all still children (thank goodness).

  7. Hello!
    What a wonderful post! I so agree, I think that people forget about the curious nature that we had as children and we should rekindle that within us!

  8. Indeed, this is true.
    So nicely written, Sandra.
    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  9. Yes, to hold onto a childlike sense of wonder and joy in the moment is a beautiful thing and something that we, as adults, need to strive for. K is working on a Peds floor and she continually comments on the amazing and funny things kids do and say :) Adults should be so charming and amusing! Great post, Sandra.

  10. I love the kids under the weeping willow..magical! I had a bout of nothingness today..all by myself just being amazed by some red leaves! Wonderful post!

  11. Gorgeous color and touching image, Sandra! It is timeless, isn't it? Children are so much better at getting into being fully present than us adults. I love this post.

  12. Those first paragraphs...the start to a great story :)

  13. What a lovely description and photos.

  14. This is really beautiful Sandra.
    I love the colors, the first picture is my favorite.
    In every adult human being is still the child of the past.
    Best regards Irma

  15. Love the silhouettes and relationship of the children to the trees and rocks. You communicate beautifully with images and words, Sandra.

  16. Beautiful image and thoughts. I wonder how we let that childlike innocence go. It sure is worth getting back.

  17. This shot is so beautiful, a real frame worthy moment. Gorgeous!

  18. Ahhh, wonderful thoughts and.... images as well. I do agree with you, keep the child in us least I try to do !

  19. you took me there!
    such beautiful beautiful images!

  20. BeAuTIFuL pictures and wording. Thanks for sharing.