will be yesterday


I saw a poster with these words:
sera hier demain..."

This simple phrase made me think about things a little differently.

Today is the only tangible reality we have
and remember
tomorrow never comes
for when it's here
it's today!

What about yesterday?
Well, that too had its turn to be in the limelight
when it was called: today!

if today is the only day there is
let's live it fully
with  gratitude
for the little joys we can find
in each day

like noticing the dance of the bare branches
in a puddle we happen to encounter.


  1. Such lovely autumn photos, and lovely message! Yesterday and tomorrow don't really exist... the only time is Now!
    Have a lovely week living in the moment!
    Kate :}

  2. A good reminder, Sandra. I like the metaphor of the spent leaf - the one that is not today. Your puddle photo is a little spooky...Boo!

  3. Lovely autumn color! All the beautiful bokeh in the first one takes my breath away! Exquisite!

  4. So beautiful words and lovely autumn photos! I love this season.


  5. Beautiful photography and writing once again, Sandra. I can't stop looking at that first photo! Such a talent :-)

  6. So true Sandra. Like your new blog picture at the top!

    Your photo's are truly amazing.

    Happy Monday xxx

  7. Gorgeous photos and thoughts on today, Sandra. The last one especially resonates with me.

  8. Oh, how I love autumn. You have captured it beautifully!

  9. Wise words! Yes, life is enjoyed in the little moments of the day. You've captured some wonderful moments in these images -- I love the last one with the beautiful reflection in the puddle! Oh, to see a water puddle again!

  10. What beautiful photographs these are, Sandra!
    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  11. Love the message in this one, Sandra, so true.
    My husband said he has passed the city where you live and it's beautiful, similar to the beautiful villages in the South of France. You are so lucky to live in Switzerland!! That was my husbands dream- to move and live there! I will be back to visit your blog and look forward to seeing more fabulous photos of Switzerland.

  12. Today is the only day there is! I love your words! And that being said, I thank you for sharing them with us today!

  13. Marvellous ! You are best Sandra !

  14. Dear Sandra, thank you for reminding me in such a beautiful way to be in the now! My dear departed Mum regularly quoted this "Tomorrow never comes ….."
    As always your photography takes my breath away and having browsed through your past few posts that I have so badly missed seeing, I really do feel uplifted! Thank you so much!
    I hope your weekend is happening beautifully for you!

  15. A wonderful reminder to savor each and every moment and what beautiful moments you have captured savor today and tomorrow and for days to come!