Lake Crossing

Living in a country in the middle of Europe
instead of an island
called Great Britain
I had to get used to not seeing the sea!
here in Switzerland there are lakes and mountains
and it was very easy to get used to their beauty!
I am lucky enough to live in the city but near the Lac Léman.

One of my biggest pleasures in the summer months
is to take a steam-boat to cross the lake!
Different cruises can be taken too with a meal included.
See former postings here: A Cruise on the Lake. Part One.
There are three parts if you care to scroll down them.

Just being on one of those elegant boats to cross the lake
feels like being on holiday!
I hardly sit down because I want to see all the lovely views.
Each boat has a name
and the one I travelled on above, on the left of the big picture,
is called "Simplon"
which is the name of  a Swiss mountain pass.

I love to see the young men with their coiled blue ropes
which they throw onto the shore to anchor the boat while 
everyone crosses the 'passerelle' or gangway.

My destination, the town of Evian,
is very clean and well kept to impress the tourists.
The flower beds are just beautiful
and it was here that I first discovered a flower called
Chocolate Cosmos which really does smell of chocolate!

Eating a salad out on a lakeside terrace
and then a refreshing dessert of 
peaches and strawberries.

After our rainy period
it seems we are back in the sun and rising heat again!

I hope that you are enjoying the season
in all the ways you love the most!


  1. Mmmm . .. . I'd love to have a garden full of chocolate cosmos!

    Thanks for sharing your trip Sandra xxx

  2. You tell a lovely story Sandra, and portray it so well in your beautiful photographs also, thank you! Enjoy every sweet moment ….. xoJoy

  3. Looking at your photos and dreaming away over here; hubby saw them and now wants to move to Switzerland! xxx

  4. Lovely summer photos Sandra. Your lake is so big! Mine would look like a pond compared to yours :)
    Glad the sun is shining for you again!
    Kate :}

  5. I think I could get used to such a life, I have always yearned to live by the coast, those lakes look pretty much like to sea to me...

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my last post...x

  6. This does look like a wonderful journey, such lovely images, thank you.
    Chocolate flowers... amazing!

  7. It all looks so beautiful, lucky you to experience this in the sunshine. Enjoy your week ahead.

  8. Sandra, Even though I get motion sick (especially on boats), this passage on the lake looks quite delightful. I'm wondering how long the crossing takes (possibly because I'm always counting the seconds until I reach shore)... Lovely views of blue sky, mountains, and water.

  9. What a beautiful boat this is, Sandra, and the ride must be just wonderful!

  10. That looks like a beautiful lake and a great crossing. I am not much of a boat person, but this does look like fun.

  11. What a lovely lake! Wonderful collage.

  12. That boat cruise looks so relaxing and fun! I like this montage, that gives us different views of the boating experience. That dessert looks very yummy. So glad you are having good weather again.

  13. Stunning and such fun, love a great boat trip too
    Hugs x

  14. I remember your earlier lake cruise posts.

    Another lovely mosaic. Looking at your photos, I was struck by how many round forms we associate with boats - rope coils, life preservers, ships' wheels - and yet boats themselves are usually rather angular. There's probably some deep philosophical (or aesthetic) conclusion to be drawn from this, but what it may be I have no idea.... :)

  15. Looks like a beautiful place to live, Sandra. And what a way to spend a summer day! Artfully composed mosaic and the color - lovely.
    Talk soon :)

  16. A wonderful place to see and live! I love the circular theme your collage!

  17. Spent two weeks traveling around that beautiful country and you have captured exactly how I remembered it, so clean and so beautiful.

  18. I would love a boat crossing from where I live to Toronto, but there isn't one! Yours looks just lovely. I'm enjoying your collages.

  19. Such beautiful images Sandra. I have once, just once, crossed a Swiss lake and this post has taken me back to my teens when that happened.

    Chocolate cosmos makes a great dye plant, and gives a hot chocolate colour on silk and wool.