Rainy Day Creativity

Rainy days happen!
Could they be opportunities to become creative?
There are so many things I actually like to do which keep me inside
when the weather is simply gorgeous I don't really want to do them
let's bake some bread
make a vegetable casserole
and get out that crochet hook and colourful cotton!

Who cares if it rains sometimes?
With an umbrella and good shoes
we can even manage a walk or two!

Why am I making photo montages
which is not my usual style?
Well, it feels playful and is fun to do
and most of all, these montages tell a story in pictures.

It's nice to change our style and point of view sometimes
It's refreshing and allows us to see our lives anew.
After all, who wants to fall into a rut?

Come rain or shine,
perhaps you'd like to join me in the summer fun?
Let's play
and enjoy
whatever this day brings!

Crochet pattern link here


  1. I'm playing, I'm playing! xxx

  2. Love rainy days like this! Perfect activities. :-)

  3. Love this mosaic, Sandra!
    I don't mind rainy days at all, or even snowy ones for that matter.
    Sometimes it's good to be "forced" to be inside. I always find so much to do on those days, and I always enjoy doing it.

    Happy day to you!

  4. I always enjoy rainy days when I have nothing to do. Enjoy the weather whatever comes your way and also that bread!

  5. Aha, it's been raining almost non-stop here for days so yes, I've been playing too and enjoying crafty subjects almost non-stop: what fun! Your mosaic is lovely Sandra and as you say, tells its own story, but I do so enjoy your accompanying words, thank you. xoJoy

  6. Love your collage and your attitude! Baking and making bread are particular fun for me when staying indoors. Cooking too. I wish I could crochet but alas...

  7. I love seeing this glimpse of your rainy day! I am more likely to settle down on the sofa and read all day! The bread and veggies, the coasters all make a lovely story! Thanks for sharing with your wonderful words.

  8. Rainy days are among my favorites! You certainly had a wonderful rainy day! The bread and vegetables look delicious. And, as always your crochet is beautiful...such happy colors!

  9. You are so right about the rainy days - sometimes I hope for a rainy Sunday so I will have an excuse to stay inside and craft! Cooking and baking bread are such comforting activities, and the results are supremely satisfying.

    That blue umbrella really makes your blue eyes pop. In a good way. :)

  10. Yes rainy days are those perfect excuses to stay in and play.

  11. Ah, this is a nice blog, I like it here. We have +30 and sun here in Norway, not used to these temperatures thosgh. Staying in the shade with my crochet.
    I will add yopu to my blog list on my blog. Have a nice day.

  12. Your crochet flowers are so pretty! I was crocheting inside while it rained yesterday!
    Kate :}

  13. So pretty. I love baking bread too.

  14. You sound positively joyful about the rain. And, instead of complaining you "make" things that are colourful and nourishing.

  15. What a fun post! Your montage is so colorful and happy! Well, I'm a bit jealous because we never have rainy days in the summer. However, I can be playful -- the summer seems to demand it.

  16. Well, I'm currently enjoying rain and it did walk out it in, although only by necessity, because of the school run, but still, it's not so bad. Lovely to see you featured in the montage too, a nice change of pace as it's always nice to mix things up a bit!

    S x

  17. Lovely montage and I love how you've spent this rainy day! I could use a good rainy day now to catch up on all the procrastinating I've been doing lately!

  18. You had a great dinner that rainy night! When it rains I have the excuse (not that I need one) to sit for hours and read.

  19. So colorful and fun, and I love the rain, too, Sandra! Pass the bread, please.

  20. your photos are lovely and yes fun.
    i love the things you are inspired to do on a rainy day.
    it has turned into a hot summer here and looks like that will be summers spirit this year.
    wishing you love days.

  21. Hi looking good a perfect pass time for a rainy day for sure
    Hugs x

  22. Loving the colorful mosaics, Sandra! They suit the spirit of summer perfectly.

  23. What a cute and fun little post Sandra, love seeing you in the collage. I love rainy days and maybe it is because I don't see enough of it here in the desert. Can you send me some rain?