Up the hill with tulips

The art of petals

The marvellous union of pink and green

Mysterious openings

Watercolour tones appear through my lens

A softer focus on my day

A vase of loveliness

and a single bloom against the light.

The turnaround

Rainy Saturday
Trudging up the hill from the shops
The shopping caddie is heavy
 the other two bags are slipping from my grip
The umbrella is wobbling dangerously...
What a life!
I start to laugh at the situation
and this creates a turnaround in my way of seeing things!
With each new step,
I can see things in a completely different light

How lucky I am!
My shoes don't leak
I have the shops within walking distance
I have a shopping caddie with wheels
An umbrella to protect me from the heavy rain
I have a bunch of pink tulips in my bag.
when I was chatting with an old friend over the phone later that day,
she reminded me that I had feet!


  1. I love your positivity Sandra. Beautiful photography too!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  2. Such a treat it is for me to visit your beautiful place again, Sandra - your photography is out of this world, those tulips absolutely radiate light and that colour is sheer bliss!
    I appreciate and respect the message in your beautifully written piece also, thank you! We have so much to be thankful for don't we!
    I hope your week is going well - we have finally had some good rain, for which we are most thankful! Joy x

  3. Lovely photographs, Sandra, and I truly enjoyed reading your words here.

    Happy day to you!

  4. Oh, Sandra, what beautiful images to match your beautiful spirit! We always have something to be thankful for, don't we?

  5. All the tulip photos are wonderful. I LOVE the story, it adds such a wonderful connection to the flowers, and yes your attitude is contagious. I am going to be super thankful for my feet today :)

  6. Beautiful photos and your poem is a fantastic example of the power of thought! If we can change what we think on the inside, think how it can change things on the outside! I'm reminded of a Thoreau quote: "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."
    Kate :}

  7. Congratulations to all that - and that you can appreciate the gifts. Lovely photos Sandra !!

  8. How beautiful!! My favourite colour combo... green and pink. Gorgeous xx

  9. Luscious, joyous spring color!!!! My favorites #4 & 6 - color, composition, DOF, focus - all come together to perfection thus presenting the feeling of spring!
    Your turnaround describes the unique, uplifting personality that I have come to know in you, Sandra. You're always refreshing to hear from :)
    Hope you're having fun.

  10. Your sure captured the true essence here. Just stunning..Im in love with your photos.

  11. Luscious and lovely shots.

  12. Your images of the pink tulips are so soft and lovely, Sandra. Beautiful macros! Yes, feet are wonderful -- they let us go see this amazing world! It's good to be grateful.

  13. It is all about how we decide to react, isn't it? Sandra, I'd love to see a series of these pink tulips shots hanging on a pale wall - how lovely. AND - I'd just like to have the tulips. When we go to the city next week, I'm going to buy some, too.

  14. I enjoyed this post Sandra and your photographs are beautiful, as are your words. The tulips are my favourite shade of pink, I really must buy some tomorrow. Today on the mantel are yellow daffodils in a pink vase brightening up a rather winter-like grey day.

  15. That pink is such a beautiful shade and your images are exquisite! I love how you think, Sandra...sometimes it's best to stop and have a laugh and appreciate the things we have!

  16. You've shown us the essence of tulips, Sandra. Gorgeous images and I like your story. Always good to laugh in these situations.

  17. Great story...made me smile. Pink tulips are one of natures most wonderful gifts and you have captured them so perfectly.

  18. thank you for sharing your turn around, it is wonderful and so true
    feet are an awesome thing to have
    just one tiny thing wrong with them and we sure do notice!
    your petal photos and pinks and greens are such a delight to see
    these glimpses touch my heart and thrill my eyes
    thank you

  19. Gorgeous tulip images - love how you've photographed them. And a great story. It really made me smile. :)

  20. The song I'm singing after reading this post ... 'always look on the bright side of life!' :)

  21. Wov! Lovely transperent colours on these petals.
    The texture is also very nice.

  22. Sandra this is just wonderful. Your close ups, with their great captions, are beautiful! I love Mysterious openings. Most of all, I love your Turnaround. What a difference gratitude makes! Thank you.