Creative Moments in August

My latest crochet creation: a star tablecloth in cotton.

Trying out different colours
Fresh blues and white.

A plain white crocheted cloth will look good on any colour
and a star mat in my favourite blues.

Lots of stars for various uses
Here is where I found them - in the lovely book below.
 Click on the images to enlarge them:

I love bright colours outside. Don't you?
This summer I made a new bunting.

Hanging  the triangle bunting outside.

If you like these two patterns, you can find out details

Do you like creating things with your hands?



  1. That looks very nice and colorful,
    you are very creative compliments.

    Wish you a lovely weekend,


  2. You are amazing, Sandra!
    That table cloth is beautiful.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. So not only are you an artist with light, but you are an artist with yarn! Amazing pieces. That bunting is to die for. I like creating with my hands too, but cannot crochet worth a bean...

  4. Hi really late tonight...thanks for the link catch up in the morning..lights out here
    Hugs x

  5. I'm envious of your creativity. I love the tablecloth. Your Header is also stunning. About the only thing I do with my hands is pull weeds!

  6. What a beautifully elegant and pretty tablecloth Sandra - I love the blue and white - and the bunting is so bright and cheerful that I must chase up that link and have a go at that lovely pattern.
    Thank you!
    Joy x

  7. Beautiful work, Sandra! The blue and white looks so refreshing and I love the bright bunting!

  8. Morning just catching up again it was very late last night to be posting lol
    You have done really wel with the book/club patterns so pleased you are enjoying them both.
    Loving what you have done with the patterns and I'm looking forward to seeing your updated shawl.
    Working on another one myself with the new wool I bought yesterday....and I have made a soft touch handle for my 6mm hook picture to come
    Hugs x

  9. All so pretty :) I am working on my crochet skills but it's such slow going!

  10. Beautifully done - I particularly love the bunting!
    Mary x

  11. Love!! Your star tablecloth looks great on that blue, and I just love the uneven shapes that the edge makes! Your bunting is adorable too, and just love those colors! Keep those crochet posts coming Sandra!!
    Kate :}

  12. Such pretty colors and designs! You have been busy! The stars are especially lovely!

  13. hello Sandra,

    your stars and triangles are so very beautiful
    fresh and a joy to see! Plus you photograph them beautifully, these could be photos in a magazine to inspire smiles and awe.

  14. Your star tablecloth looks great and the triangles is beautiful!
    Have a nice day, RW & SK

  15. I somehow missed this post. Those cool blues and whites are perfect summertime colours and have a vintage look about them. Your colourful bunting also turned out beautifully. I love to create too, but never got far with crochet so it's a treat to see your creations.