Another walk around Avignon

The beauty of Art Nouveau in this decorated balcony and wrought iron balustrade.

Here is the whole building.

The charm of the back streets.
It must be bumpy cycling on those cobblestones!

A gargoyle on the edge of a roof. 
A spout in the form of a grotesque human or animal figure.
Their purpose is to throw rainwater clear of a building.

St. Pierre church

Looking up at the bell tower through the branches of a tree starting to blossom.

and admiring the bells before going for lunch in one of the numerous restaurants.

In this area, the Côtes du Rhône wine is particularly delicious.
Can you see the blue sky reflected in the glasses?

and this warm goat's cheese salad with pine nuts and fruity olive oil goes so perfectly with the wine.

Back through the streets to discover more architectural details

The sun illuminates the warm colour of this building.

An early evening walk is illuminated by shop windows showing us their wares.

What looks like a lamp in the left window, is in fact tiny suspended bottles
of olive oil glistening under hidden headlights.

which is French for olive tree.
Notice the Provençal language written in smaller letters at the bottom of the road sign.
So ends the second part of this visit to the town of Avignon.

I will leave you to wander these streets alone and enjoy the colours
of the Provence while I take a little pause.

Till next time with more blue skies!


  1. Oh, my, what a wonderful tour! I'd love to be wandering through the streets there. I adore art nouveau -- your first shot made me drool! Such a lovely building. Tthe glimpses into the shop windows and the your wine capture are delightful. Such a fun paseo through town!

  2. It's a good thing I'd already eaten before I read this post ... the salad looks very tempting. I think Peter Mayle may have written about that olive oil shop. Did you go in and taste the wares?

    Oh to have a balcony like that!

    P.S. I have seen a wine called Goats Do Roam, but somehow it doesn't sound nearly as elegant as yours. :)

  3. Delightful photo's. Got some sun today after the snow yesterday. But these pictures are warming the cockles of my heart! THANKS xxx

  4. A lovely tour and great perspective. I always enjoy viewing your images.

  5. The details in this architecture are truly beautiful, Sandra!
    Thank you for taking us along with you on this wonderful tour.

  6. Thanks so much for taking on this tour of the lovely town of Avignon. What a delightful place to visit and I love all of your pics, I especially love that balcony. Just imagine standing on that and enjoying the view.? That little shop - I could spend hours in there just looking at everything. :))

  7. Thank for your comments in my blog.
    I´ve fallen in love with your photos

  8. I love touring Avignon with you! Beautiful images! You have such a great eye for capturing the beauty of the buildings!

  9. Gorgeous! Wishing I was there!! And I did think those olive oil bottle were a lamp ... now I'm pondering making a chandelier from antique teething powder bottles!

  10. it certainly is lovely seeing this area through your eyes.

    i am making a salad for a party, i think i will have to add some toasted nuts.

    lovely journey to you ~

  11. Oh my goodness! I found your blog from the comment you left on meme-rose and I thought I'd pop over and see a new blog. I'm so glad I did as yours is beautiful! You are a wonderful photographer and the locations are dreamy! Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. What a lovely post! I really enjoyed the images, the cream against the blue.

  13. oh I love that old rich architecture!
    great images!

    have a nice week!

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :) | PJ’ Ecoproject

  14. It's funny how Avignon is cropping up in my life lately -- I'm just reading a book that was set there too. Those shop fronts bring back the scents of Provence, and the goat's cheese salad has made my mouth water!

  15. What a gorgeous town - and wonderful pictures - I feel like I've had a mini vacation!
    Mary x

  16. Lovely! I love that second photo of the angled building and the trees, and that church is beautiful!! Looks like it was a delicious trip as well!
    Kate :}

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