So glad you dropped in!

Shall we go into my garden?

The geraniums are blooming so nicely still

Aren't the details astonishing?
I love the mixture of pink and orange!

The wind-chimes tell me when there is a breeze on a hot day.
I'm so lucky to see all these cheerful colours from my office.

Here's the Buddleia in front of my window
It's a very young plant and quite new this year
It will make the butterflies and bees happy!

Do you like the deep blue-purple tone with the orange centres?

The shape of each flower is so unusual when seen up close

I had to show you this slightly blurred shot taken through the window.
Have you ever seen this amazing and incredibly rapid creature?
It's the Hummingbird Hawk Moth.
He hums and he hovers as he seeks his nourishment from the flowers.

This is a September rose on a plant I was given for Mother's Day!
Would you like to sit down for a moment?

Just there, next to the freshly planted heather.

They are such elusive little flowers and difficult to capture on my camera.

The hydrangea is blooming for a second time this year.

Shall we go for a walk and come back for tea later?
I know a place very nearby. We cross the bridge just across the road.
Come and see!
Click on the link below:

It felt very spring-like, didn't it?
Shall we go home for that cup of tea?
Do you like Peppermint or do you prefer Lemon Verbena?
I also have green tea and coffee.

Would you like to take the chair facing the trees in the small park?
These are my bigger wind-chimes with a deeper tone,
they are just next to the kitchen door from where I can see the daisies
and the lavender and my herb garden.

The herbs are hanging up to dry for the winter months:
thyme and rosemary.

Don't they smell good?
I must give you some to take home!

Can you smell the lavender from your chair?

Can you believe that these dainty daisies and the Lobelia have been blooming
the whole summer through and still doing so now?

Some chrysanthemums to decorate our table.

Hasn't this been a lovely long visit?
I've so enjoyed having you!
I shall be away for a little while, but you must come again in October!


  1. Hello Sandro!
    All your photographs delight.
    They are beautiful.
    Wonderfully presented in geraniums, buddleia, bunches of herbs.
    I'm always charmed by your blog.

  2. So many beautiful colors!! Your macros never cease to amaze. That humingbird hawk moth looks incredible!

  3. So lovely, what do you need a garden for? A balcony is all it takes and someone with a green thumb. When I feel he blues coming on, I will look at your plants on this blog!
    Thanks for this :-)

  4. It is always so wonderful to spend time with you, my friend.
    These photographs are exceptionally beautiful.
    You always manage to capture such wonderful light, and it seems like the sun is always shining there. :-)

    Have a wonderful time away, and I'll "see" you when you return.

  5. Sandra ,your garden is so BEAUTIFUL...... and these flowers has the most wonderful colors.

    Thanks for showing this with us.

    Hugs, Joop

  6. What stunning pictures! simply beautiful, lucky you to have such a bountiful garden - you must have a very green thumb!
    Mary x

  7. Sandra, your garden must be looking so beautiful with all of that lovely colour. Your pictures are so lovely. And the walk through the forest was just gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing this part of your life with us.
    I hope you enjoy your time away and I look forward to when you come back.
    Take care!!! :)

  8. Well, I certainly enjoyed my visit, Sandra! You have a green thumb and a photographer's eye for flowers. That hydrangea is lovely, but the macros above it are gorgeous! What colors! Enjoy your

  9. Great images as always. You clearly have green fingers and a fab photographers eye - a brilliant combination!

  10. Such a lovely post. Love those geraniums and the herbs hanging up to dry. Mine's a peppermint tea please. :) Enjoy your time off. x

  11. You have such a stunning garden! I would love to spend some time with you and just absorb the smells and the beauty! Enjoy your time off, I'll look forward to your return!

  12. Sandra, I am insanely jealous of all your gorgeous flowers!

    I've never seen a hummingbird hawk moth - what an amazing creature. Your geraniums are lovely - mine is looking rather raggedy by this time of year.

    Black tea for me, please. :)

  13. Hi Sandra,
    You left us with lots of beauty to soak up and enjoy! So many fabulous images - compositions, lighting, and've mastered it all. Thanks for the tour!
    How you have a super trip. I can't wait to see all the "sights" when you return :)
    xo~ A

  14. So many beautiful images, and you have totally captured the silkiness and colour of all those petals :D

  15. Sandra, I truly feel like I've walked about your flower garden today after seeing these gorgeous and lovely photos. What a nice retreat you have, and lovely views, so nearby your office window, and such a nice variety of colors, shapes, and smells. That hummingbird moth is something to see, even through the window pane. Enjoy your time away and we'll be waiting anxiously for more stories and little walkabouts when you return, all refreshed. :)

  16. Sandra,

    Look carefully nature with calm makes us feel peace.


  17. so very very beautiful
    a joy to take to heart each image

  18. Sandra, this was such an exquisite visit! I looked through your gorgeous garden with my jaw dropping. At each photo, I thought "this is the best one" until I saw the next. Thanks for the wonderful respite. We'll miss you.

  19. Thank you for a wonderful trip in your garden!
    I can see you enjoy your lenses - wonderful pictures you take!!!

    :-) Dorthe

  20. What a lovely garden! And blog, too!

  21. Thank you so much for an invitation to step into your garden. It is truly beautiful. Gorgeous flower photography and the details really set the mood. I'll sip tea with you as a charming hostess any time.

  22. Fantastic photos and fantastic gardens you have!