Photo-Heart Connection: April

I seem to have a deep connection to the sky and to water
two elements that attract my attention so often.
The sky is the air that I breathe 
and with each deep breath,
my thoughts disappear and are carried away
like clouds floating away out of my line of vision
and I am left
in a blissful state of
So totally in the moment
that time stands still.
Nothing else exists
but that moment.
Water has many moods according to the wind and the seasons.
The calm water in this picture reminds me to go with the flow of life
to be inspired by the stillness
to observe the reflections
and to let go of the mind.
As I observed this scene, my attention was drawn to a small island
on the far side of this large pond
where some light green reeds were growing 
and I couldn't not include what I saw here
I will show you
and I feel you may agree!

Mother duck was taking her babies for a swim and was heading
for an island in the water to take them to safety.
I zoomed in on the little family

and here they all are swimming in the glorious green reflection of the reeds.
 A heart-connection indeed for the very end of this month of April.


  1. Simply gorgeous, I could feel myself getting lost in your images.

  2. I would love to pull up a chair and just sit and drink it all in. Beautiful images, thank you for sharing your tranquility. - Susan

  3. OHHHH... I loved reliving your moment in nature... the pic of the mama duck & her ducklings is priceless.

  4. What a lovely set of outdoor sights! And the family of ducks is too adorable. I love the beautiful sky color on the first photo with just the one wispy cloud in the center. Thanks for sharing your countryside with us.

  5. That first picture is just wonderful -- love the way you framed the little cloud and its reflection in the water. What a treasure you have there to enjoy! And your last image of the ducks, with the light hitting the water and the reflections -- just perfect!

  6. oh sandra...this is beautiful! i love the view shown in the first photo...but the close-up of the wonderful! a family image always pulls at my heart. i love that you found such a perfect example in nature.

  7. Oh... such a beautiful words, love the way you describe your mood, and gorgeosu photos. The first picture is just wonderful and the last one is so tender and sweet...

  8. Your pictures are lovely - as usual :))
    That family of ducks is so cute - well spotted.
    I know what you mean about water and sky - both can be beautiful in all sorts of weather and time of the day.

  9. La natura ci regala sempre delle bellissime emozioni! buona serata....ciao

  10. What a beautiful post this is Sandra, and it is such a perfect Photo-Heart connection.
    I love these images, especially the first one.
    Such a wonderful peacefulness.

  11. Gorgeous images. I love the reflections in the first shot and the pictures of mummy and baby ducks are just gorgeous. Love the peace and tranquility that comes from both your words and images. Beeautiful.

  12. so much peace in these reflections sandra..really lovely!

  13. Mama duck and her large family of ducklings just made my evening. A beautiful post, Sandra!

  14. beautiful shots and lovely words!

  15. A most beautiful place to reflect. Thanks for sharing this part of the world.

  16. Hi Sandra,
    I can relate to your connection with water and sky. So beautifully stated and the images make me want to meditate by this peaceful pond!
    Wishing you a happy Mother's Day weekend!!!

  17. Your peace shows through in your photos! They are calming and beautiful! I love the little ducks, what a wonderful surprise!!

  18. Such calm beauty Sandra! Your images "reflect" your words and feelings perfectly. Thanks for sharing this in the Photo-Heart Connection. My apologies for taking so long to visit this month. I look forward to seeing you again next month - just a week away!

  19. Sandra, would you believe this is the THIRD time I've tried to leave a comment here? I was sure I came by earlier in the month. Yesterday I came by and tried again, but now it's gone. Ack! I love how your photos reflect your words in this wonderful Photo-Heart Connection. Thanks for sharing!