Breakfast by the lake

One of my favourite treats in the warm season is to have breakfast down by the lake.
The tranquility of the water, the graceful sailing boats gliding by
and, a little dot in the distance in the middle of the picture, watching
the old steam boats stop at the various ports
in Switzerland and  neighbouring France.

A delicious choice of assorted bakery
and a peach juice

and a double espresso coffee with a perfect frothy topping!

Lifting up our eyes, we saw a steam boat go by from our table.

Then I noticed this sweet little fellow sitting on a chair near our table, obviously waiting for crumbs!

Some fluttering and chirping brought my eyes back to my own breakfast being dive-bombed by a greedy little trio! A quick photo and then a mad wave of my napkin to scare away the cheeky sparrows!

A long walk along the lake front to take advantage of the lovely weather conditions and enjoy the view.

That little sailing boat turned round at the same time as us and we saw a rowing boat coming
into view with a very fit-looking crew manning the oars!
Yes, having breakfast down by the lake
is one of my favourite things!

An important note:
If you click on each photo, they will become bigger and fill your screen.
This option had not been working for a couple of months. I am happy to see that the photos can now be enlarged again on everyone's blogs, including this one!


  1. Oh my goodness, pure paradise Sandra!
    What a gorgeous view you have, and I love your "little friends"
    Have a wonderful day ahead!

  2. just amazing and gorgeous pics!!!

  3. Oh, I am drooling! Such a beautiful scene -- the shades of blue are so lovely! Someday I will join you for breakfast!

  4. How beautiful! The lightest blue and white colors are perfect. And your food was attacked by sparrows. Weren't they brave? This is surely the most wonderful place on earth. Would love to join you for breakfast. ;). Beverly

  5. Oh Sandra, what lovely pictures. Especially that first one it's so beautiful. Such a lovely place to sit and relax. Your breakfast look totally delicious too - even those birds thought so.
    You live in a very beautiful part of the world.

  6. What a stunning place to live. You are very fortunate to be able to enjoy such lovely surroundings! xx

  7. Had to stop back by for a look on my full size monitor and enjoy these gorgeous, unbelievable colors of blue!! I'm dreaming now, that I'm sitting right there and seeing it all in real life. :)

  8. Bellissimo quel lago, vorrei essere su quella barca a vapore!! felice giornata...ciao

  9. Hi Sandra, Your photos are beautiful! Your first photo is my favorite. Your croissants look yummy and your photograph of the coffee mug looks like it came right out of a high end magazine. Also, the roses in your previous post are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Are you taking another class?? Happy Friday!

  10. Wow, Sandra, these shots are amazing! They could have come out of a travel book. The first shot is my favourite - love the tranquility and the overhanging trees - and those cheeky sparrows really made me smile. What a lovely spot for breakfast (and peach juice, my fave!). Beautifully done.

  11. Simply gorgeous, Sandy. And those little breakfast crashers are too cute!

  12. Those photos are jaw-dropping beautiful!

  13. Sandra, this looks like something out of a fairy tale. Only a true photographer would take a picture of those sparrows before shooing them away. All so beautiful--the first one made me breathless.

  14. Oh Sandra - I'm so glad you found my blog as now I have found yours! What a beautiful post - your photographs are simply gorgeous. I'm going to enjoy visiting your blog so much, I've signed up on Google Friend Connect.
    Thanks again for the conversion chart. Have a lovely weekend.
    Mary x

  15. Dear Sandra,
    Your photos are beyond compare. Absolutely stunning. You certainly captured the essence of what made this a "fabulous day" as you mentioned in your email. I've enjoyed a very pleasant stretch browsing through your photos today. I could write the same comment on each: Beautiful! I loved the shot of the sailboat with the willow branches hanging in the foreground. What an eye you have for framing. May you have a picture perfect weekend.

  16. Oh... what a beautiful place to have breakfast, amazing photos. Happy Sunday

  17. A fantastic spot to have breakfast! The lake seems so calm and the reflections are beautiful. So tranquil.

  18. Beautiful photos! Looks like a lovely peaceful morning!

  19. Lovely view over the lake, nice place for a breakfast.

    It's a lovely serie photo's Sandra.

    warm greetings, Joop

  20. These lake photos are just gorgeous!!! It looks surreal!

  21. How can a place be this beautiful? Amazing!