Soft Layers of Blue

The sky, the mountains and the water 
merge together to give a feeling of peace and inner quiet.

A little rowing boat keeping its reflection company
and bringing in tones of aqua.
The faraway mountains
take on a delicate shade of violet
three little moorhens glide by
on the smooth surface of the water.

The small breeze 
creates gently undulating ripples
sailing boats sail back and forth with gracefulness
and reflections reach out to me
and pull me into the scene.

It would be a pity not to include a picture of the Mont Blanc
whose summit is covered in snow the whole year round.
This is the highest mountain in the Alps and the European Union
and it rises to 4.810 m (15.781 ft).
It's location is between the Aosta Valley in Italy
and the Haute Savoie in France

A framed picture of loveliness
to take home with me
and savour the inner stillness I still feel
when I observe them again, remembering the beauty of the day.


  1. Hi Sandra
    Beautiful. Very beautiful indeed. I can feel it!

  2. Ah yes, we need more of this Sandra - thank you so much for another beautiful post filled with peacefulness and serenity! x Joy

  3. Such beautifully peaceful images, Sandra, and those blues are gorgeous.

  4. Is this "your" lake, Sandra? The mist and the varying shades of blue make for some lovely compositions. Water draws us into a feeling of calm. Hope you are feeling well.

  5. So lovely Sandra! I agree, these photos are so calming and relaxing. Such peaceful colors!
    Kate :}

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. xxx

  7. I love blue and all these shades were delightful.

  8. All so beautiful and soothing! I loved the small boat with the aqua color and then I saw the next one of the sailboats. It took my breath away! Perfection!

  9. A monochromatic view presents a very serene picture, indeed. My fav is the second image with the row boat - for its design, coloration, and mood. Beautiful, Sandra!

  10. I love the soothing and peaceful..and your words perfectly describe those feelings!

  11. What wonderful tranquility in these images, Sandra! The beautiful blue tones create such serenity. Beautifully framed, I love the simplicity of these. The third one is just perfection for me. Thank you!

  12. Subtle gradation of beautiful blues!
    Thank you for sharing lovely photos.

  13. Ahh, a rhapsody in blue! Beautiful tones and reflections, so calming!

  14. Water, blues, greens and sailboats -- perfect images to calm and soothe and rejuvenate. Beautiful images Sandra. Especially love #2 with the aqua boat.

  15. Very beautiful and very soothing. I love the satiny water and the mountains in the background. Thank you! :)

  16. Oh my, I came on the right day. This has calmed me down. :-)

  17. I'm intrigued ... was everything really that blue, or has there been some post processing here?

    Either way this is the most beautiful, restful post :)

    1. Everything really was that blue, Annie. It was all due to the lighting and the time of day. The very blue sky reflected in the lake did the rest and choosing the best angle to take my pictures according to the position of the sun was helpful.