Photo Journal July: Day 17 - Heart

Heart shapes
have a particular charm.
I notice them when I go out walking
and they are especially lovely to crochet. 

I recently made some for a wedding table decoration.

This time I have made a crocheted bag to give as a gift
to a little four year-old girl. 
I've made it reversible so that her favourite colour scheme can be used.
The buttons allow the shoulder strap to be altered as needed.

A bag is so much more exciting with a little gift inside
This tiny panda bear wanted to come home with me when I was out shopping.
He fits in perfectly!


It is common politeness to give a link
to the person who provides or creates this pattern

Photo Journal July: Day 16 - Fragrance

A morning walk after a storm in the night took me up to some gardens.
Everything was fresh and bright
and a sweet fragrance in the air led me to some beautiful roses
gracing the still somewhat cloudy sky.
What a wonderful sight
and a perfect way
to start this new day.

The softness of the dappled sky
set off their loveliness so perfectly
They grew quite high and I held my camera up from below
to capture their cascading beauty.

Photo Journal July: Day 15 - Morning Walk

Early morning walks are my favourite
mostly because it's so lovely and cool at that time of the day.
These are early morning shadows in the grass.

I start off by crossing a bridge surrounded by trees,
then up some steps.

This morning I went into the park

and encountered a friendly fallen branch

On the way home, 
I saw these pretty bindweed flowers.
The grass and the earth felt good under my feet!

This afternoon I watched a very exciting men's tennis finals at Wimbledon.
I can hear thunder getting closer.
We're going to have a storm.
It's nice to be snug inside.


I want to thank all my visitors that come here every day, well over a hundred daily!
I know how time-consuming it can be to leave a comment,
especially when someone goes through a whole month of posting a new blog entry
every day!
A kind thank you to all those who pop in to say hello!

I hope you all had a lovely Sunday!

Photo Journal July: Day 14 - Breakfast Treat

I simply love market days on Wednesdays and Saturdays
in the city of Lausanne.
Not only is the choice of fresh produce just amazing,
but going downtown on market days is a wonderful excuse to have breakfast out.
Do you have breakfast out sometimes?

I love to go upstairs in the Coccinelle Café.
There's a great view down onto the busier side of the café and it's less crowded.

I just know that all of you would like to see the delicious things they serve:
Escargots (raisin buns with a touch of vanilla pastry cream)
Torsades aux pépites de chocolat (Chocolate Chip Twisted pastry)
Apple Turnovers
Almond Pastries.

This morning, I had an escargot (my favourite) and a peppermint tea in an adorable

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend.
It's very hot and heavy here and thunderstorms are on their way.
Luckily there is excellent tennis at Wimbledon to watch on TV!

Photo Journal July: Day 13 - "IF"


If I had a garden,
it would have lavender growing all along the path right up to the front door
and roses growing over an archway.

If I lived in a house,
the front door mat would have the word 'WELCOME'
written on it.
There would be a different wreath for every season on the front door.

If I had a big kitchen,
I would invite everyone for breakfast or tea
with a gingham tablecloth on the big wooden table
with tantalizing smells coming from the oven or the stove!


where I live now, I have a balcony and flowers and always a cloth on my table
and a wreath on my front door.
I have organic coffee or herb teas for any visitor coming this way
and I don't have backache
from bending down gardening!
I'm still on the lookout for a front-door mat which has
written on it,

Life is as it is
Life can be good in all circumstances
We just need to recognize them!