Photo Journal July: Day 20 - In My Hand

Nestled in my hand

A tiny phlox bloom

Searched for the light

She had fallen from the plant
at the height of her beauty

Looking for a tender hand to save her from her plight.

I was lucky to capture these photos on my balcony just before the storm broke and the 
heavy rain fell, bouncing off the road and path.
Coolness at last!

Photo Journal July: Day 19 - Evening Walk

Evening bee on sunflower.

There are many gardens and allotments in my neighbourhood 
and my early morning and my evening walks allow me to enjoy them all.

One garden was just full of beautiful sunflowers

They are glorious from every angle

Even from the back.

The colours vary

I love the young flowers unfolding their petals.


The sky was showing an announced change in the weather from hot and sunny

and then to hot and humid as the clouds increased.
Storms and rain are on the way and hopefully we shall get some refreshment
from the lovely rain!

Photo Journal July: Day 18 - Time to Dream

Isn't that what summer is all about?
Taking time to dream
and be totally immersed in the moment.

New flowers to plant in two of my window-boxes
I bought them down the market today
and just love their fresh colours.

Image result for time to dream quotes

Author: Gladys Taber

Photo Journal July: Day 17 - Heart

Heart shapes
have a particular charm.
I notice them when I go out walking
and they are especially lovely to crochet. 

I recently made some for a wedding table decoration.

This time I have made a crocheted bag to give as a gift
to a little four year-old girl. 
I've made it reversible so that her favourite colour scheme can be used.
The buttons allow the shoulder strap to be altered as needed.

A bag is so much more exciting with a little gift inside
This tiny panda bear wanted to come home with me when I was out shopping.
He fits in perfectly!


It is common politeness to give a link
to the person who provides or creates this pattern

Photo Journal July: Day 16 - Fragrance

A morning walk after a storm in the night took me up to some gardens.
Everything was fresh and bright
and a sweet fragrance in the air led me to some beautiful roses
gracing the still somewhat cloudy sky.
What a wonderful sight
and a perfect way
to start this new day.

The softness of the dappled sky
set off their loveliness so perfectly
They grew quite high and I held my camera up from below
to capture their cascading beauty.