Blue and Yellow make Green

Dreamy layers of blue
in which I could lose myself

A strong breeze had created patterns on the lake
alternating ripples and smoother areas of lighter, shiny blue.

Each yellow Japonica flower radiates sunshine and spring energy

And when we mix blue and yellow
we get those varied shades of green.
Dancing catkins in the wind challenging me to catch a sharp image!

For a real spring mood
take a light blue sky
add a few fluffy wind-blown clouds
and an overhanging bough of fresh young leaves

New leaves unfurling in the warmth of the bright sunshine
against a backdrop of mottled blues and greens

A touch of white flowers whose name eludes me as I write

and a chestnut tree whose generous leaves provide such welcome shade
in the hottest months to come

I couldn't resist this touch of pink
of cherry blossom so sweet
it goes so well with green, don't you think?

It's impossible to have a favourite colour in spring
for as each one appears
it is my favourite in the very moment I see it!

on this first day of May
Let us enjoy
what Nature brings us!

Finding My Inner Sparkle

Do you ever feel that you've lost your inner sparkle?
I never do for very long
especially when I feast my eyes on all the beautiful things in nature
at this time of the year.

However, losing a blogging sparkle exists
and sometimes mine wanes a little.

I captured this gorgeous sunshine yellow forsythia at its best
right here in front of my building.
Doesn't it just spell out the word 'HAPPINESS' ?

Nature in springtime certainly allows my heart to blossom
like the delicate petals on this Japanese Magnolia.

Don't these young new leaves on the Tulip Tree
make your heart beat a little faster?

Tulips, like lanterns, lit up from within by the sun.

A pink camellia flower caressed by a sunbeam

and against a deep blue sky

A window box full of spring flowers
and another one reflected in the window from the wall opposite.
These are certainly the joys of spring.

Sharing a glass of Chardonnay wine before lunch 
with an old friend on an outside terrace.

Looking into the heart of a double tulip against a bed of forget-me-not flowers.

Then going for a walk along the lake

observing how the buds on the trees are opening.

 Enjoying the peacefulness.

The changeable weather has taught me to drop everything
on beautiful days and just get out and enjoy it all!

and contemplative moments
gazing at the patterns of the water rippling over the rocks

How are your inner sparkles today?

Reading in Bed: a short story

She let it happen without any particular plan.
The weather outside was uninviting.

Two pillows against the bedstead
a hot water bottle
a book
a mug of something hot.

She loved the soft colours on the patchwork quilt
it felt so snug
It reminded  her of when she was little
and had one of her bad earaches
She had felt less abandoned when she was ill
Somebody noticed.

She put her book down and leant back
Why now?

Why ask questions she said to herself
Let things be
Let them happen as they will
No one is here to judge me
No one

Through the open window
a ray of sunshine came in and created dancing patterns on her desk.
She drank in the beauty of the instant
and that single moment was all that mattered.

The sunshine beckoned and said:
"Come outside!"
And she did.

She met a beautiful tree
and a shadow
"Who are you?" she said
but the shadow stared back and remained silent
Some days she was a complete mystery to herself...

The Sweetness of Pink

Gazing up into a vision of pale pink and green
losing myself in a delicious world of  pastel marshmallow shapes
and being enveloped in a wave of pink tenderness.

All was silent save for the distant hum of bees gathering pollen

Vibrant pink azalea were clamouring for attention

pale pink blossom and more vibrant tones play a melody only heard in spring

Fallen blossom, like wedding confetti, drop to the ground
arranging themselves nonchalantly in seeming disarray.

Closing my eyes a moment or two,
just to experience the sheer joy of opening them again
and seeing it all anew...

Spring Unfolds

Golden daffodils with orange trumpets
unfold their sunshine petals
for all to see

Wild anemone raise their heads above last year's fallen leaves

Primroses, tender violets and a single daisy
draw our attention to the shady spots

and fluffy blossom trees line the streets

Down by the lake,
the early magnolia bloom

framed by nurturing branches and a perfect clear March sky

Closer to home,
Easter is being celebrated
with traditional hot cross buns

and the yellow duckling guards the baskets of tiny truffle filled eggs...
but not for too long, methinks!