When Words Conjure Up Images

A new beginning emanates such creative energy that I'm swept away 
in a whirl of vitality
towards new horizons shining in the dusk of my day.

Not all confessions reveal wrongdoing. 
For example, a confession of love is often considered
positive, both by the confessor and the recipient of the confession, 
and is a common theme in literature.

To confess is to recognize, acknowledge and embrace a part
of who I am to myself and to others.

To forgive myself and to forgive others gives me freedom.
This street art I discovered says it all!

For me, the word crisis is when a situation is coming to a head 
with tensions mounting.
This situation pushes us to make a decision.
It's a turning point where an explosion of energy allows us to decompress
and liberate ourselves.
A crisis is an opportunity of starting anew.

In this image,
the thistle head has exploded
liberating new possibilities of growth elsewhere.

is the plenitude I feel
through my ongoing life experiences.
They contain the past, the present and the continuation.

Maturity is the embracing of events or situations as they are.
It's about connecting with the essential,
gathering treasures and letting some things go
it's also in the hesitations I may have and finding flow.

These words were taken from a book called
"Consolations, The Solace, Nourishment 
and Underlying Meaning of Everday Words"

I am part of a group with
Kim Manley Ort in the study of these words
and our personal interpretation of them.
The photographs we choose to go with our words
express visually what the word of the week means to each one of us.


Mysterious and enticing
We are drawn into a world of muted colours

Soft, dreamlike shapes take form

Like folds of flowing satin

Could there be a pearl hidden within?

So many frills and curves

in a beautiful Amaryllis

We Need to Be Ready

"For things to reveal themselves to us,
we need to be ready
to abandon our views about them."
Zen Master

I love this phrase because it helps me let go of all preconceived ideas
of what I think things are and how they should be.

With an empty mind and an abstract eye,
I'm able to enter into the essence of a subject.

The image above was taken down by the lake, and what drew me in completely
were the gorgeous dancing reflections on the side of the boat
created by the moving water.
I stayed in this spot for a long moment, just immersing myself
in the beauty and aliveness of what was before me.

Wavy reflections
 and a contemplative mood
All yellow and blue

It was a windy day and the colourful bunting drew my attention
towards the sky.
There's something incredibly joyful about bunting flapping in the wind,
don't you think?

It's true, when we abandon our views
things are revealed to us in a truly magical way.

Take the Time

I stretch my arms wide
to embrace a new day
a new dawn
a new year!

Against the blue of an unencumbered sky, 
a silhouetted branch shows me a journey ahead
with many choices of side paths along the way.
The choice is mine.

Many people like to choose an inspirational word for a new year.
I have noticed that short phrases speak to me better.
They take me by the hand and lead me to pastures new.

Take the time to live each moment fully
just the way it comes to me.
This is an idea which speaks to me in all areas of my life.

Taking the time to drop everything when a magical lighting
draws me out of my home.
How to resist this sky, the silhouetted trees and houses
and those suspended street lamps which say:
"Follow us, follow us and you will never lose your way!"

Just before Christmas, I joined my family in the mountains.
The wide view of the valley and the surrounding scenery 
showed me a view on a larger scale to the one I see in the city every day.
I love the lights on the roads and in the homes
which illuminate the hills as night advances.

I was up early to witness and enjoy the sunrise on the mountain tips
from the terrace of the chalet.

Back to my neighbourhood to find the beauty in my own environment
and take in the gracefulness of the tree silhouettes at sunset.

Taking the time to slow down and catch those golden rays
of the setting sun shining through glass on a small building.

The weather-vane shows me a direction, 
but I know how changeable it is - according to which way the wind blows.
I like this unpredictability
which is just like life!
So I smile and just follow the light
and know I can't go wrong!

A pure white full moon
shining brightly in the sky, a mandala
waiting for me to design the pattern of my year.
I will start in the middle and work my way outwards
choosing my colours with care.

This photo was taken on my balcony on December 25th.

But for now,
the time has come to lift up my anchor and sail.
Let the adventure begin!

Snug at Home in December

During the month of December, it's so nice to enjoy time at home.
Taking the time to notice the play of light and shadows in the entrance of my apartment.
Noticing the colour of the wood on my chair and the butterfly cushion.

Moving in closer, to see the Chinese lanterns that I love to keep in a vase at this time of the year.
The little dove wall hanging given to me by a good friend
and the tiny doll in a rocking chair given to me some years' ago
by a charming American lady called Belle, who used to paint
dolls' faces and dress the dolls.

When I made my bed in the morning sunlight, I enjoyed bathing
in that gentle light and was reminded of the book
that I want to finish reading during the holiday period.

Since Christmas is coming, it's the perfect time to get out my blue Mason Cash
mixing bowl and make some cookie dough for gingerbread men.
I froze most of the dough to bake these cookies fresh just before Christmas

... but I had to bake a few to taste, just to make sure they were spicy enough!
The pretty tea-cloth is a gift from my son who bought it when he visited
Windsor Castle recently!

I hadn't made rum balls for a few years, so decided it was time to make them again.
They're also in the freezer!

Then I made some chocolate truffles.
Oh my! They were too good to keep out, so I ate two and froze the others! 
I also made two other kinds of cookie dough that I've been making since my children were small.
Everything will be baked at the last minute so that it's extra fresh.

My little branch elves have found a special place on my small round table.
I bought them years ago in a craft market and they come out every year
to warm themselves by candlelight.

December is also the month for crocheting decorations.
This year, I found some glitter yarn in different colours and decided to make trees.
I like to try out different patterns and also use old favourites like the snowflakes
in this posting from 2012.

I love the atmosphere of lighted candles, the smell of baking, 
the inevitable mess of strewn yarns and my crochet hooks -
 it reminds me of when my children were little and I was always so busy
 preparing decorations and gifts and making our home inviting and full of 
the delicious aromas of baking!

The heartbeat of my neighbourhood

With all these inside activities, it good to remember to get out at different moments
during the day.
Sometimes, when I notice a special lighting outside, I like to take my camera
and catch a sunset.
From my local park, I can see the tip of the faraway mountains
 and connect with the neighbourhood in which I am living.
When I look at my street already in darkness, I see how all the buildings have joined up
as one connected scene, how the lights have come on in certain homes
and how friendly it all feels.
Although I have no close friends in the area, in this evening lighting, 
I feel a oneness with all I see
and how the rays of the setting sun bring us all together.
I return home to my small, snug apartment and feel contentment.

The lights on the small, real Christmas tree bring joy and warmth to this hanging heart.
I also think of those who once shared my life and are no longer there.
Remembering them brings them close again.
The heart is in their memory.

As we come to the end of this year, it is good to remember how we can become
more conscious and aware human beings.
Each one of us can do our part to protect our planet for future generations.

The tiny fir tree decorated for Christmas is watered regularly
and I will plant it outside so that it can grow bigger.
Forests and all trees are the lungs of the Earth
We need them to survive and they slow down global warming.
They need protecting.

Why not plant a tree in memory of a loved one today?

Wherever you are, whatever your circumstances,
may this holiday period be gentle to you.
For those who celebrate Christmas, may it be meaningful and joyful.

I am taking a blog break, probably until some time in January.
In the meantime,
take care!