30 Days of Perception: 1-10

Day 1 - Light
Noticing how the light also creates shadows and the beauty of it all.

Day 2 - Hear
The rustling of the leaves

I like to hear the reassuring homely sound of the tick-tock of my clock 
and when it chimes on the hour.

Day 3 - Smell
The sweet aroma of a candle to which I have added some Rose Geranium essential oil.

The wonderful smell of home-baking.

Day 4 - Touch
The petals of the Edelweiss flower are extremely soft to the touch,
as soft as velvet or cotton wool.
The tiny seed buds are firm, but when they open up, like the one on the right,
they are as soft and as fluffy as dandelion seeds.

Day 5 - Taste
The taste of a fine wine savoured slowly.

The taste of salt on my lips at the seaside.

Day 6 - Movement
A boat moving through the churning water as it moves forward
and the flying flag in the wind.

Water is a fine example of something that is often in movement
like these soft waves at sunset.

Day 7 - Intuition
Walking in my neighbourhood without a fixed destination,
just meandering intuitively where my legs carry me.
This single seedpod comes into my line of vision.

This single leaf wedged in a wooden fence which draws my attention to texture
and simplicity.

Day 8 - Emotions
It was raining and when it rains, I connect to nature very closely and with emotion.

Day 9 - Colour
For me, colour is one of the most important and well-loved element in photography.
I love to capture it. 
It makes me happy and fills me with positive energy.
In my home and in my life, colour is extremely important.
It plays a huge part in my well-being.

This pink Poinsettia plant 
Is a perfect happy colour for me!

Day 10 - Slow down
When I slow down, my breathing becomes calmer, I become aware. I visualize myself as a floating leaf in calm waters without wanting to be anything else at all.


I'm following an online course with Kim Manley Ort

Each day during the month of November, we get a new prompt.
I like these prompts which are so closely connected to our senses and make me
slow down and become more aware of all that is around me.

It's All About the Leaves

The flames of red Maple adorn the autumn sky.

The first three weeks of October were wonderful.
The temperatures moderate, the sunshine abundant and the leaves, well, out of this world!

The Beech Trees showed us their burnished leaves
and offered their Beech nuts to the earth below.

Golden tones rejoiced all my senses

The late afternoon sunshine illuminated this leaf on a picnic table in the park in my neighbourhood.

American Oak capturing the sunlight.

Blowing in the wind and ready to fall and create carpets of leaves.

This house, so prettily decorated with leaves and green shutters.

Late afternoon golden sunlight creating poetic shadows on walls.

Shady spots glowing with a feel of deep red velvet.

Red berries glisten, tempting the birds.

As we approached November, the much-needed rains came.

The atmosphere changed and some grey skies came to remind us that autumn was getting serious.

Blue skies and sunshine were more rare, but still we could glimpse the light
when we took the time to go on walks.

Catching the luminosity of the moment.

Although the overhanging leaves and seed pods are still green,
I think this is my favourite photo taken very recently.
It makes me think of an opening to a mysterious pathway that I would like to discover.
I shall use it as my header photo for the month of November!

Country Rambles

We've been having an exceptionally beautiful month of October.
The temperatures having been hovering between 18-24 Celsius (around 68 Fahrenheit)
and I've been out as much as possible, enjoying nature.

From where I live in the town of Lausanne,
I need to take the metro, the train and then another little country train
which you can see here.
It stops at every single little village and hamlet on the way!

I went with a friend, and we noticed how dry the earth was through lack of rain.
The trees were changing colour and looking beautifully seasonal.

Some autumn plantations had already been done and appeared very green
against the dried fields of ploughed earth.

The mountains took on an almost purple hue

and quite a few had been planted with a ground cover
of purple flowers which I learnt were to replenish the soil in nutrients.

Here is a group of flowers in close-up.
The bees seemed to love it.

These country roads are wonderful for walks
and I love to go here at least twice a year to see the beautiful area in different seasons.

I love the lines of fields in different colours.
After walking through the woods, we turned to go back down the hill
down to a village called Apples.

The village church steeple can be seen
and the mountains above the lake as well.

We are still high enough to see the lake
and behind the mountain to the right
is the well-known Mont Blanc Mountain which is in France.

I thought these sunlit leaves, already quite orange,
were so typical of this beautiful season.
Nearer to home, I collected fallen leaves and thought it would be fun
to create an Autumn Quilt by taking macro shots of parts of the leaves and making a collage.

A quilt inspired by nature
in this beautiful month of October.

Balmy October Days

Autumn Camellia

This first half of the month of October
is giving us beautiful clear skies and deliciously warm temperatures,
anything between 19 and 24 Celsius.

Vibrant Dahlia

I've been going out for lots of walks,
especially down by the lake and in the country.

The hibiscus down by the lake were in full, glorious bloom.
Taken in Montreux.


This bud is still wet from watering.

An American Oak leaf
well and truly caught in the spikes of a bush below the tree.

Fallen from this beautiful Oak Tree where the colours are starting to turn.

Deep blue skies and colourful branches.
This one was taken in my neighbourhood.

I love this garden gate with the geranium flowers coming out to greet the next visitor.
They seem to say: "Welcome, we're expecting you!"

I do my weekly marketing downtown on Saturdays
and this is the latest bouquet I brought home with me. 
I do love the mixture of fresh colours.

I hope that you are also having a beautiful month of October
with generous sunshine and clear autumn skies.