What do I choose to see?

Life is made up of experiences
We may label them good or bad, but finally they are just life experiences.
They come into our lives without pattern or plan.
We are the ones who are so clever at interpreting what happens to us
of labelling it
of giving it meaning.

When I look at my life right now, I can decide what I choose to see
and this will have an enormous influence 
on how I feel about this moment.

My balcony is a wonderful reminder when I need to choose.

I live in an urban environment, albeit out of the city centre.
The road I live on is a busy one,
Cars, motorbikes and trucks of all sorts pass by throughout the day.

There are two ends to my long balcony: the road end and the small park end.

When I want to see beauty, when I want to feel serene and content,
do I go and watch the noisy trucks filled with earth go by as they rush to some building site?
Or do I choose to face the park and the beautiful trees and a golden sky?
Where do I decide to focus my attention?

Can you imagine?


Am I not fortunate?

What do you choose to see
in your life
at this moment?

This is my Photo-Heart-Connection for the month of January.
It is nice to look back and see why I was connected
to an image more than any other
during the course of the month. 
The photo I choose is always one which tells me something essential
about life and how I connect to it.
One which touches my heart and helps me to move forward.


  1. You are so right, Sandra, our attention can shape how we see the world. And so much of our happiness is determined by how we frame and interpret it. Your winter image is so lovely -- I especially like the wonderful light coming through the branches.

  2. Beautiful snow scene! I choose beauty and quiet in my life. That's just me! I shy away from busyness and confrontation. I enjoy the peaceful life I am blessed with!

  3. A wonderful post Sandra! I am lucky I can choose to visit your blog and I can understand your language tho it´s not my own. I´m a lycky guy!

  4. Sandra, you've taken a profound life-changing truth and conveyed it in beautiful, simple words. Thank you.

  5. Choice is indeed a most wonderful gift.
    Beautiful post, Sandra.
    Happy day to you!

  6. Dear Sandra,
    I choose to come and visit you, because I know that every time I stop by I will find something beautiful to look at and something wise and interesting to read.

  7. Your post reminds me of the idea that we can choose to be happy or miserable - the work is the same. Your post is a great reminder to make wise, positive choices for ourselves. Who would not chose that serene landscape in your photo?

  8. Beautiful picture and beautiful words. You've really hit on the key to finding happiness. I've always found this concept fascinating. Several people can experience the same thing, but each person can "see" and interpret it differently... and we can do it by choice! Really, the only reality that exists is the one that we create. If we can just remember this more often I think we can create much more magic in our life! Well, at least that's what I think :)
    Thanks for the reminder!
    Kate :}

  9. I love your outlook and should take on board your way of seeing things. Thanks for the reminder that we all have a choice.

  10. I love the pinkish hues in your image. snow...well, you can keep that. I bet the view is equally calming in summer. choosing is very powerful. I think when I feel I have no choices on a matter it presents enormous frustration. I also find I tend to shoot images that mirror my moods...just as you mention. Great thoughts on the PHC

  11. So, so, true - so much of life is a choice in how we see things!

  12. Well said, and important to remember sometimes.

  13. Lovely meditative post Sandra. And who could not feel serene looking at such a sky? Wishing you a weekend of serenity and contentment.

  14. You would never know the busyness exists when you look at these lovely trees.

  15. love the strength of the trees in this pic.

  16. I looked at your pictures and read your text.
    Admired - reflections draws to a close ...
    Greetings Eko
    Finland / Lapland / Kuusamo

    Thank you for visiting and nice comments ...

  17. I agree that choosing the photograph is a wonderful experience.

  18. I love scrolling through my photographs remembering when and why I took the shot how would I do it again . I so love your photo and the sentiments that go with it..(visiting from PhotoHeart Connection)


  19. Thanks for sharing this photo and your heart connection to the view out your balcony. You are absolutely right : We have a choice and we can decide what we want to focus on in life. So glad you are tending to Beauty and nature!

  20. Very true, sometimes I choose to see the negatives but need to look for the positives

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  21. So true! And this is why I spend more time looking out of the front windows of my house where the view is of fields and hedgerows, than the back which faces the houses on the lane behind us.

    That is a beautiful image Sandra :)

  22. I love this image and your words of wisdom.

  23. What a wonderful picture, but even more so...a wonderful post. I need to remember that I do have a choice, and to pick the better option!

  24. Always gems of wisdom here, along with your wonderful images, Sandra! Indeed, the choices that we make and the "reality" that we see, colors our lives. You seem to find the best in your reality! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great week :)

  25. "I can decide what I choose to seeand this will have an enormous influence on how I feel about this moment." Yes! So much in life is a choice. You have a wonderful choice, each time you step out on your balcony. Thank you for the gorgeous reminder of the choices we can make every day. It's wonderful having you share in the Photo-Heart Connection.

  26. How lovely to be able to look out over a park. I would enjoy that too!!!
    We live on a fairly busy road with buses and cars etc going by all the time. I love your snowy picture - it's very pretty. :)

  27. i enjoy what you choose to see and share with me ~

  28. Wondeful post, love your photo. Fantastic photo-heart connection... as usual

    I choose peace, I choose serenity, I choose a drama-free life. xx

  29. I have of late been doing this too, and your post and lovely photo reaffirms the need to do so. I'm glad I found your blog!


  30. Well . . . as it's Valentine's Day today . . . I choose to see LOVE all around in the simplest of things.

    Through some personal development I've been doing, I have only recently become aware that I have many choices throughout any given day, and which one(s) I choose can make a HUGE difference to how I feel. Very liberating!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your lovely picture xxx