The Vibrant Colours of Autumn


Not long ago, the leaves started to change from green to 
hues of gold and orange.

Some leaves turn pink and then red
Just walking in my neighbourhood, I can enjoy the daily changes.

Bright and shiny in the sunlight
Beautifully shaped.

Falling leaves get caught in branches and enjoy the sunshine
before falling down to the ground.

I love to walk down to the big Mon Repos Park in Lausanne
and it only takes between fifteen to twenty minutes from my home.
It's my way of getting into nature despite my town environment.

I love the colourful leaves of the oak and to see the ripening acorns.

The pond is always beautiful to contemplate and there are still some lily-pads.

The blue sky and trees are reflected in the water.

The big American Oak leaves have already taken on a burnished look.

Acer leaves in vibrant red brighten up darker corners.

Another fallen leaf, resting in an evergreen tree, backlit by the late afternoon sunshine.

The Chrysanthemums are filling out the flower beds.
I particularly liked this colour which blended so well with the colour of the fallen leaves.

The leaves from my strawberry plants have changed colour.
I have had a really good crop of fruit this year!

The Beech leaves are among my favourites against the soft dappled background.

I have taken so many photos this autumn
 that it would make this blog entry far too long to add them all here, 
so I'll make several entries during this month of November to include the most beautiful ones.

We are now in our second wave of Covid-19,
we are told to be very careful and follow strict hygiene rules.
Restaurants and cafés have closed,
but shops have remained open.
It's best to avoid crowds and enclosed spaces and to wear a medical mask.

One day, we shall be free of all these strict rules,
but in the meantime, we find joy in the wonders of nature.

I hope that you are well.
Take care!


  1. Oh, your beautiful photos perfectly capture autumn's finest, Sandra! It really is the prettiest season and I love the way the light filters into windows in autumn.

    I'm sure our shutdown will come again, but I'm very hopeful that this new vaccine announced today provides hope for the world. It sure has been a long, long year... Take care now and I'll look forward to your next round of fall photos!

    1. Thank you , Carol. Autumn has been so wonderful this year. Maybe because of the warmer temperatures and not too much wind and rain, so the leaves are only just falling now. Yes, I have so many glowing autumn photographs and I'll be sharing the best ones here.
      Our partial shutdown is only a start as Covid numbers are not decreasing yet. Yes, this is a year that nobody will forget!

  2. What a glorious display of autumn pictures. Your local park looks wonderful. Xxx

    1. Thanks, Sarn. Our autumn has been so colourful and glorious that I shall be putting up more photos during this month. After that, we'll be entering winter mode! Already the sun takes longer to break through the opaque white sky each morning!

  3. I see the autumn has come to you too and I love your wonderful photos ! That park seems to be a great place to walk and to contemplate in. Take care and soon we hope this covid thing is over but I guess the winter will be tough with increasing numbers...

    1. Yes, autumn has come and the coloured leaves will soon be on the ground. I have enough colourful photos for several blog entries this month and then December will show different moods! Yes, it's a very special year, that's for sure, but one day we shall have all of this behind us!

  4. Mon Repos Park, that walk way is gorgeous and I am always in awe of your photography. You have an eye for capturing the light . . . perfection :)

    1. I'm so glad you came along with me, Connie, to see all this autumn beauty to enjoy. Thank you for your sweet comment!

  5. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog; thank you for sharing these beautiful photos! I hope to be able to visit Switzerland one day.

    1. Hello Sarah! How nice to come and pop in and say hello! I'm glad you stumbled in as well. I've been taking so many photos of our marvellous autumn this year that they'll be a couple more blog entries with them!

  6. Beautiful Sandra! Love how you included in the photo your little pumpkins you created. Marvelous colors you have captured in your walk.... thank you for sharing.

    1. So lovely to see you here! The autumn colours have been especially gorgeous this year! I have enough photos for four different blog entries!

  7. Replies
    1. They're wonderful this year! Thank you, Cathy.

  8. These are all gorgeous and make me yearn for autumn, I will have a long wait. A couple of these really stood out for me. The ivy on the wall and the acorn on oak leaves, but truly all are beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Tammie. Autumn, after spring, is my favourite season! The colours are so gorgeous and take my breath away! I gasp with pleasure as I look around me! I agree that acorn on the colourful leaves is lovely and I also love the little pond! Thank you for telling me your favourites!